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To Live Authentically

By Artemis Emily Doyle

I didn’t know who I was when I first started trying to find myself, but I had an idea. And now, as I continue to progress along the spiritual path, I have less and less of an idea of who I am, but more of an ability to be authentic.

There is a natural intuition in every moment of what the moment is requiring of us to do or not do. Through meditation we learn to be quiet, to be still, to listen to our heart and at the same time start to unravel this ‘person’. We come more and more into the place of not knowing.

It’s from this place of not knowing that we are surrendered to the possibilities of the moment. If I can be in the moment of not knowing, of being completely surrendered, then I can be spontaneous.

Spontaneity is intuition acting without the hindrances of the mind.

The thinking that you know who you are means you have constructed beliefs that you’re acting from, which isn’t very authentic.

Rest in your heart, be as innocent as possible in the moment. Be like a child in that you don’t really know how to behave.

You’re not acting from a learned script.

There’s an ability to act in the moment authentically which means with whatever the moment is calling for and you don’t need to know who you are in that.

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