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Our Mission

In so many of our modern, human societies, there has been a global shift away from the necessary connection with spirit.  Leaving the spirit of our being neglected, and withering in an unnourishing environment. 

It is also believed that it is no coincidence that this loss of a deeper connection within ourselves coincides with the loss of connection with Mother Earth.   When given the opportunity, nature works as a supportive guide, mirror, and healing modality.  

Anuttara was founded on the premise that there is a need for people to not only rediscover this integral part of themselves but to live in a space where they can cultivate and grow into a more authentic being living in lasting happiness. 


Our Values

Authenticity • Inclusivity • Evolution • Synthesis • Love


We honour the lineages of our teachers.
Anuttara's Facilitators have been initiated into various authentic lineages including Christianity, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, Tantra & Vedanta.  Together we blend these teachings into clear and concise pointings to Spiritual Truth. As a team, we make pilgrimages to further our studies in Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy, and Spirituality.


Anuttara Yoga is supported by the loving guidance of Guruji Raj Kumar of the Shivoham Tradition.  It is through his blessings that we share with our students deep, authentic, and life-altering practices that have not been watered down or lost in Spiritual Materialism.  Everything we do is built from the Heart with the intention to bring people into authentic experiences of themselves. 



We strive to make our programs inviting, accessible & inclusive to all.
The very basic explanation of Tantric philosophy is that all of life is sacred.  Yoga, in its highest understanding, is the unified perception of all of life as one totality.  Therefore, as a Tantric Yoga School, we perceive all of life as Holy.  No one being or life form is higher or greater than another, for we are all ultimately One.  


We strive to provide accessible programs.  It is important to us that our students graduate with an understanding of how to modify postures for different bodies, teach non-goal oriented classes, use trauma-sensitive language, provide modifications and adjustments only when condoned, hold space for complexity and use inclusive language. We ensure that our students are aware of cultural appropriation, privilege, how to strive to make their classes inviting and inclusive to all, and the pyramid of disempowerment. 



We recognize that we are all constantly changing and growing.
Yoga for us is not a job or a hobby, it is a way of life that we are ever-evolving into.  Although Anuttara's Trainings are always the same in essence, we as teachers never stop seeing ourselves as Students. We are always deepening on our studies in everything from scripture to leading science. It is important for us that we are always providing our students with the highest quality training that we can provide.  As we grow, this training grows.   


We teach Yoga not just as a practice, but as a way of life.
We provide a broad-synthesis of the full Yogic Tradition.  We make sure that our students graduate with an understanding that Yoga is far more than a physical practice.  We teach various Yogic practices including dance, singing, meditation, service, mantra, food, health, morals, ethics, and more.  

At Anuttara we feel that Yoga is weaved into every aspect of your life.  Many of us are just simply waiting for the tools and the necessary change in perspective in order to see this light within everything.  It is our intention that this training will help others wake up to this fact.  



For us, Love is the thread that weaves the lining of interconnectivity between all beings and traditions.  It is our intention to imbue all we do with love and to come to know ourselves as nothing other than loving awareness. 


Before anything else, the ashram is a community.  The Anuttara Sangha (spiritual community) orients itself around a 'divine embodiment model'.  

Together we feel it is important to neither grasp for divinity nor resist the beauty in your humanity. 

Anuttara stands out from other spiritual communities because we do not hire people to do the 'dirty work'.  It is the community who digs the holes, gets their hands muddy, grows the food, etc.  

Our approach is to embody timeless transcendental principles with two feet on the ground.  


"A community conducive for spiritual practice.  It has given me the space to open up to life."

- Nolan

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Although in today’s western world a retreat may seem like a very modern thing it is an ancient practice that has been around since time immemorial and across a range of cultures. Retreats can be found in North American Indigenous cultures in the way that the women would ‘retreat’ to the moon lodge or the young adults would take a solo trek out into the forest to discover....