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Your Heart has Wisdom

The concept of wisdom residing in the heart is a notion that has been echoed by both science and spirituality. It is a belief that has been held by many for centuries, and it is only now that science is beginning to catch up and provide evidence to support this idea.

For instance, some individuals may claim to have studied Yoga for years, yet they only possess a superficial understanding of the practice. They may have memorized the various poses and breathing techniques, but they have not truly internalized the essence of Yoga. This essence is something that can only be felt in the heart, not just understood in the mind.

Girl with hands in prayer, Anjali mudra

There is an intuitive sense that not all knowledge comes from the mind. There is a deeper, more profound understanding that can only be accessed through the heart. This is where the heart brain comes into play. Science has discovered that the heart has its own neural network, which is distinct from the brain.

The physical heart is not just a pump that circulates blood throughout the body. It is much more than that. It has the ability to make decisions, to hold memories, and to think for itself. In fact, the heart is like a mini brain, with its own unique way of processing information.

As science continues to explore the mysteries of the heart, we are beginning to understand the true power and potential that lies within us. Your heart has wisdom and is a gateway to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. It is a source of wisdom that we can tap into if we are willing to listen to its voice.

Woman sitting with eyes closed and hand on heart


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