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A Young Ashram

Under Construction 'Bear' with us.

As a young ashram we are still very much in the building phase of our fruition. This means that although our dining hall is considered by most to be a very comfy and cozy place to hang out, it still is unfinished. At the ashram we are still in the process of building more accommodations, pathways, and whatever else the ashram seems to need at any given time. We do not hire people from the outside to come do any of the work for us. The ashram has been completely built off of self-less service. We believe in self-sufficiency and sustainability and do our best to draw upon our own resources rather than sourcing out the resources of others.

Fooling around in the dining hall.

This means you may see people building during your time here, tools lying about, straw bales in the garden, wood being chopped, or dishes that need to be washed. We are more of a home and an ashram than a retreat centre. We do not strive to hide behind the guise of a polished refinement. We invite you to come into our home and to join us as family. Please understand that we are completely off-grid and live off of the land to the best of our ability. We compost our food, dig in the dirt and have holes in our clothes here. As a non-dual tantrik community we are not so much about transcending the world, shaving our heads and wearing white for the rest of our days. For us it is more about the divine embodied. We are divinity itself with mud on our shoes and dirty dishes in the sink devoted to selflessly serving the ashram and all of those who come through here in the most authentic way possible.

We of course do our best to keep our home as tidy and inviting for you and almost everyone says they feel like it is a home away from home as soon as they come. However, we would just like to exterminate any expectations of immaculate lawns, pristine dish ware or really any ideas of perfection. Unless of course, you’re one of those crazies who see the perfect in the imperfect, than of course we are perfect! ;)


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