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Building on a Strong Foundation: Becoming a Yoga Teacher

At Anuttara, we understand that becoming a Yoga teacher is not a simple certification process, but an ongoing deepening into one's own practice and knowing.

This blog outlines how Anuttara has mapped this ongoing journey within a Yoga Alliance Framework and supports continued growth outside this structure as well.

Spiritual growth does not follow a linear curriculum. The path of Yoga combined with the wisdom of Tantra allows us to dance this meandering path with humility and grace, knowing that we each bloom in our own time. Through many years of offering teacher trainings and other programs (not to mention our own long paths), we've become familiar with the joys and snares along the path. It is absolutely vital that a student is rooted and established in their own practice before becoming a teacher.

We have created a map, for each student to discover their own spiritual relationship to Yoga & Tantra. Our 200-hour Foundational and 300-hr Intensive build on each other for the full 500-hr Immersive education. Recognized and certified by the Yoga Alliance.

200-hr Foundational Both online & person. Our award-winning 200-hour honours ancient traditions while preparing our students to teach in a modern world. With central topics like trauma-sensitivity, yoga anatomy, ethics of teaching, introduction to Tantra, Yoga Nidra, and more, this program provides the perfect foundation to begin teaching Yoga and to continue deepening into your own authentic practice. In this training, we guide students to find their own unique teaching voice and connection to Yoga.

300-hr Intensive The 300-hour training builds on the introduction to Tantra in the Foundational YTT. The Intensive is for those who feel called to continue the study and practice of Tantra. This training is for serious spiritual practitioners who are ready to dive into the mystical, ancient, rich tradition of Tantra Yoga. We call it an intensive because we dive straight into the heart of Tantrik practice, and we expect all students to already have a foundational understanding. This training is more about guiding our students into embodying the spirit of tantra and less about becoming yoga teachers.

Immersive 500-hr

Totally immerse yourself in Tantra & Yoga for 9 weeks at Anuttara Ashram. Our 500-hour training is a combination of the Foundational & Immersive trainings for the complete experience. Live off-grid, practice Yoga and Tantrik meditation daily, absorb ancient achings, and make new friends in this 2.5-month training. This is a truly transformational experience for devoted yogis, practitioners & aspiring teachers.

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