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Every Fall & Spring
Online & In-Person

With the blessings of the Shivoham Tantrik lineage, join the Anuttara Sangha in celebration, honour and reverence of the Goddess! This festival is a deeply supportive and powerful time to plunge into the heart of Tantra, and truly experience the essence of Shakti through dedicated and devoted practice. 


fire ceremony navratri

Many know Navarātri as a 9 night festival dedicated to the Goddess Durga.  This is the traditional way to celebrate this Auspicious time in Hinduism.  However, for Tantrika-s there are actually 4 Navarātri's per year with the two most important being in Spring and in Fall.  

In Tantra, the Navarātri festival is an auspicious time to celebrate one of the Das Mahā Vidyā-s, the ten great Wisdom Goddesses. We are blessed to share this festival with the guidance & support of Guruji Raj Kumar of the Shivoham Lineage.

Each season we work with a different Goddess.  This Goddess is not chosen at random but is revealed to Guruji as the festival approaches.  The Goddess that we will work with has the precise energy that needs to manifest on earth to benefit the global community. 


  • be initiated into an authentic and powerful Tantric Lineage

  • work with powerful  and traditional mantras

  • build and empower a "living" yantra

  • participate in daily pujas toward the yantra

  • take part in a Tantric fire ceremony

  • witness the manifestation of the Goddess

  • amplification of spiritual practices

  • all things can come to fruition

  • awaken and activate Kundalini

  • activate and harmonize your chakras

  • sing and express devotion toward the Divine

dancing shiva
agni hotra

  • interested in going deeper into learning about Tantra from authentic and sincere teachers

  • who are beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioners

  • who have a willingness and openness to aspire towards the Divine

  • wanting to connect with a spiritual community

  • looking for purification of emotions and mind

  • called towards authentic traditional Tantra

  • feeling disempowered and needing a change



  • The Dasa Mahavidyas are a set of ten goddesses in Tantric-Hinduism, each representing a different aspect of the Divine Feminine. They are seen as the ten aspects of the same divine energy, and each one of them is revered and worshipped for her unique qualities and attributes. These ten goddesses are celebrated and respected, as they represent the power and beauty of the Divine Feminine in all its forms.

  • Kali is the devourer of Time, Tara of Compassion.

  • Tripura Sundari of the Ruler of the 3 worlds, Bhuvaneshvari of space.

  • Tripura Bhairavi of determination, Chinamasta of Self-Surrender to the divine.

  • Dhumavati the widow crone, Bhagalamukhi the paralyzer.

  • Matangi the ruler of all knowledge, Kamalatmika the fullfiller of all desires. 

mantra text sanskri


Mantra is an incredibly powerful tool that can help us to create positive change in our lives. It is a set of words or phrases that are repeated to aid in focus, concentration, and meditation. Mantras can be used to help us to manifest our desired outcomes, to help us to relax and find inner peace, and to help us to stay in touch with our higher selves. Mantra is an invaluable tool that can help us to create positive transformation in our lives


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Receive our NEW e-book with information on Navaratri, the Goddess, and more.  Work with an open mantra from the comfort of your own home.  Stay connected with the in-person navaratri group through exclusive photos and updates.  Receive advise and guidance directly from the teachers and do puja (rituals) at home that coincide with significant astrological times. 

fire navratri


Move with a group of Sadhak-s (spiritual practitioners) through various powerful tantric rituals and practices.  Build a living yantra and meditate in the presense of the Goddess. Have the rare opportunity to be initiated into mantra and to work with an empowered mantra.  Participate in the practice of yagna (sacred fire ceremony), and make sacred offerings to the mouth of the Goddess (the fire).  Deepen your understanding through Satsang, receive direct guidance from devoted teachers, practice bhakti yoga and sing devotional songs to the Goddess.  Experience living Tantra in an authentic way.

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Shivoham Tantra Ashram

Parsodi Village, Nagpur, India

Oct 13 - 26, 2023

This retreat is hosted by Artemis & Bhairav with the support of Guruji Maharaj at Shivoham Tantra Ashram, in India.

In- Person Schedule

this is a general schedule and can change based on the Goddess we work with, the location or the group, you're also welcome to see everything as optional and only participate in as much as you feel called to do.  

Day 1

  • 500 pm meet and greet

  • 600 pm dinner*

  • 730 pm evening activity*

Day 2

  • 900 am breakfast*

  • 1000 am building of yantra

  • 100 pm lunch*

  • 500 pm mantra japa****

  • 600 pm dinner*

  • 730 pm evening puja

  • 745 pm evening acitivity*

Day 3

  • 800 am yoga asana

  • 900 am breakfast*

  • 1000 am lighting and empowering the yantra

  • 1200 pm mantra japa****

  • 100 pm lunch*

  • 500 pm mantra japa****

  • 600 pm dinner*

  • 730 pm evening puja

  • 745 pm evening acitivity**

Day 4-13

  • 700 am morning chanting and puja

  • 715 am mantra japa****

  • 800 am yoga asana/breathwork/yoga nidra

  • 900 am breakfast*

  • 1200 pm mantra japa****

  • 100 pm lunch*

  • 500 pm mantra japa****

  • 600 pm dinner*

  • 730 pm evening puja

  • 745 pm evening acitivity**

Day 14

  • 700 am morning chanting and puja

  • 715 am mantra japa

  • 800 am dissolution of yantra

* meals are not included
**evening activities include Satsang, Kirtanam, Lectures, Yagna, etc.
***times of activities are often follow the precise phases of the moon, and are subject to change

****for beginners whom may find 3 sittings of mantra japa overwhelming they may choose to join the sitting for 1 hour only

We will announce more details for the next Navarātri in our newsletter and social media. Be sure to follow us! In the meantime, we strongly advise all practitioners interested in joining Navarātri to take our free Tāntrik Māntra Sādhana course to create a foundation for Tantrik practice. 

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