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Tantrik Navarātri

Fall & Spring
Online & In-Person

Many know Navarātri as a 9 night festival dedicated to the Goddess Durga.  This is the traditional way to celebrate this Auspicious time in Hinduism.  However, for Tantrika-s there are actually 4 Navarātri's per year with the two most important being in Spring and in Fall.  

In Tantra, the Navarātri festival is an auspicious time to celebrate one of the Das Mahā Vidyā-s, the ten great Wisdom Goddesses. We are blessed to share this festival with the guidance & support of Guruji Raj Kumar of the Shivoham Lineage.

Each season we work with a different Goddess.  This Goddess is not chosen at random but is revealed to Guruji as the festival approaches.  The Goddess that we will work with has the precise energy that needs to manifest on earth to benefit the global community.  

During this sacred time of Navarātri, all spiritual practices are amplified, with the blessing of the Goddess.

Next Navaratri Dates:

Spring 2022 - Online
Fall 2022- Online & in-Person



Receive a Mantra and work with the power of the Goddess from the comfort of your own home. 



Build a living yantra, work with empowered mantra, practice yagna and much, much more.