Tantra has the power to change one's energetic structure, to allow for the divine to manifest in the form of awareness.  Using the secret knowledge of the tantric mantra sadhana one is able to take a shortcut in evolution, allowing for a relatively effortless transformation.

The word ‘Tantra’ is often translated as ‘connection’ or ‘web’, it is pointing towards the knowledge that allows connecting the individual (microcosm) directly to the universe (macrocosm) through the principle of resonance. In the tantric Indian tradition the whole of existence, the non-duality that is the cosmos is experienced into two aspects.


In Classical Tantra we work to transform and purify all the microcosm (different layers of our being: energy, emotions, thoughts, etc.) in order to recognize and merge into the true nature of reality, the Self.  In terms of chakras this could be referred to as activating Sahasrara.  Therefore, even if moksha or liberation is not one's purpose in life, the tantric sadhana can also be taken to improve the quality of life in manifestation.


Whether Physically Present at the Ashram in Canada or at his Ashram in India, all of the Tantrik Retreats & Trainings at Anuttara are done with his Guidance and Blessing.  All rituals, practices and immersions are done through the sacred knowledge and wisdom that he has directly passed on to us.  

Guruji has been guided by 67 Gurus from various mystical traditions over the past 4 decades. His main practices follow the principles of Shaivism and the study of Tantra. He works with and intiates his disciples into Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, Kriya and the Sanskar herbal purification process. Guruji Maharaj is under the direct guidance of  Maha Guru Sri Bhairavananda, a devotee of Lord Bhairava Son of Shiva and Maa Chandeshwari.



"Tantra is the highest spiritual science which has been received in the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and even Sufism. In the years that I have been with Guruji he has clearly demonstrated the potential of Tantric science/magic in a way that is completely beyond my wildest comprehension. He has opened me up to a new level of spiritual possibility, knowing and understanding."

-Saed, Toronto

"Tantra with Guruji has awakened latent energy inside of me that I was not previously aware of.  Through that, I have reached levels of awareness that I never thought possible.  Guruji awakened a deep devotion to life in me.  Through his guidance I have come to understand a rare, unique and sacred traditional path.   He is a fiercely compassionate being & teacher. "

— Nolan, Vancouver



Thomas English

Thomas, also known as Bhairav, has been studying Tantra for the past 20 years and has been studying with Guruji for the last 10 years.  Bhairav underwent an intense 5-year moksha Sadhana that empowered him to step into his full potential as a Tantrik teacher.  The work of Guruji has given Bhairav strength and perseverance.  He is able to hold incredible amounts of Shakti Kundalini, initiate beings into Mantra, and sanctify Yagna ceremonies.  What is most astonishing about all of this is that he does it all in an unassuming manner.  Bhairav leads all Tantra Retreats & Trainings at Anuttara under the guidance and with the blessings of Guruji. 



Im am incredibly grateful to have found such an authentic and knowledgable teacher, who was able to communicate the power and beauty of the Tantrik path in such a down to earth way. I was inspired by his fierce dedication to his own spiritual path, and I believe his teachings inspired within myself a deep curiosity and desire to explore the mysterious world of Tantra.


I was introduced to tantra through Thomas/Bhairav. As a teacher and as a person, I think he is competent, grounded, and highly accessible. He manages to be very knowledgeable and at the same time humble, warm, and approachable. I'm very grateful to have met him, and for his continued instruction and support.

Nass Valley, BC, Canada


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