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Tantra is a tradition shrouded in mystery, secrecy, and fantastical tales. The tradition is intentionally veiled in obscurity to preserve formal Tantrik teachings until the initiate has demonstrated a purity of being, and a surrendered heart. Given to the wrong person, Tantrik teachings could be abused and bring harm to others. 

Tantra comes from the root word of tan, meaning “to expand,” and tra meaning “to save”. The Tantra-s emerged out of a perceived necessity to save previous spiritual traditions of India while expanding upon them to include the sanctity of the worldly life. ​

Anuttara shares Traditional Tantrā from the Shivoham lineage with the blessings of Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar - a living Tāntrik master. Anuttara also embraces some Neo-Tāntrik practices (like somatics or forest therapy) however we are not currently teaching anything on sexuality.

ॐ नमः शिवाय

Om Namaḥ Śivāya

universal consciousness is one


 tantra mantra yogi bhakti prayer

Tāntric Māntra Sādhana

Woman meditating with hand on heart bhakti tantra yogi

Intro to the Tantric Heart


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Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar

Whether physically present at the Ashram in Canada or at his Ashram in India, all of the Tantrik Retreats & Trainings at Anuttara are done with his Guidance and Blessing.  All rituals, practices, and immersions are done through the sacred knowledge and wisdom that he has directly passed on to us.  

Guruji has been guided by 67 Gurus from various mystical traditions over the past 4 decades. His main practices follow the principles of Shaivism and the study of Tantra. He works with and initiates his disciples into Mantra, Yantra, Yajna, Kriya, and the Sanskar herbal purification process. Guruji Maharaj is under the direct guidance of Maha Guru Sri Bhairavananda, a devotee of Lord Bhairava Son of Shiva and Maa Chandeshwari.

"Tantra with Guruji has awakened latent energy inside of me that I was not previously aware of.  Through that, I have reached levels of awareness that I never thought possible.  Guruji awakened a deep devotion to life in me.  Through his guidance I have come to understand a rare, unique and sacred traditional path.   He is a fiercely compassionate being & teacher. "

— Nolan, Vancouver

"Tantra is the highest spiritual science which has been received in the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and even Sufism. In the years that I have been with Guruji he has clearly demonstrated the potential of Tantric science/magic in a way that is completely beyond my wildest comprehension. He has opened me up to a new level of spiritual possibility, knowing and understanding."

-Saed, Toronto

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Bhairav Thomas English (he/him)

Bhairav is the founder of Anuttara Ashram and a co-creator within the Anuttara Turyatita School. He co-created the Anuttara Teacher Trainings and courses along side his partner Artemis. He is a co-authour of the Power of Tantra Meditation, the co-host of the Tantra & Yoga Podcast, and an empowered teacher within the Shivoham Lineage.  


He moved to India in 1998 and has been studying and practicing Yoga and Tantra for over 20 years. In 2018, Bhairav completed a 6-year initiation with Guruji Maharaj of the right-handed Shivoham Tantra Tradition. The completion of this intense Sadhana empowered him as a Guru and lineage holder in the Shivoham Lineage.


Bhairav is a practitioner with deep and authentic experiences with many masters and yogis throughout the East. He has been empowered by Guruji Maharaj to initiate others into the power of Mantra Meditation. Bhairav is incredibly easy to talk to and approachable. He happily answers those large philosophical questions.

bhairav teacher at Anuttara Ashram
artemis emily doyle bhakti tantra yoga teacher

Artemis Emily Doyle (she/they)

Artemis is the founder of Anuttara’s Turyatita School, and co-founder of Anuttara Ashram. They initiated and co-created the Anuttara Teacher Trainings and courses along side her partner Bhairav. She is a co-authour of the Power of Tantra Meditation, the co-host of the Tantra & Yoga Podcast, and an empowered teacher within the Shivoham Lineage.  


Artemis has been leading Shivoham tantrik festivals and sadhana with the blessing of Guruji Maharaj alongside her partner Bhairav since 2015. She has been initiated in a rare tantrik sadhana in tantrik moon time practices and has been empowered to share sacred rituals and ceremonies for Chandalini.  


Artemis also draws a lot of strength and wisdom from her teachers in the Kashmir Shaivist tradition through Eric Baret, Ellen Emmet, and Rupert Spira. Artemis is a registered forest therapy guide and was initiated as a healer in ceremonial cacao in the traditional Mayan rite. They also has a deep connection with Bhakti Yoga and a powerful ability to guide others in deep meditation through kirtan. Artemis sets souls on fire, as she conveys her genuine connection with Spirit through song.

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"I'm am incredibly grateful to have found such an authentic and knowledgable teacher, who was able to communicate the power and beauty of the Tantrik path in such a down to earth way. I was inspired by his fierce dedication to his own spiritual path, and I believe his teachings inspired within myself a deep curiosity and desire to explore the mysterious world of Tantra."

-Sunny, Austraila

"I was introduced to tantra through Thomas/Bhairav. As a teacher and as a person, I think he is competent, grounded, and highly accessible. He manages to be very knowledgeable and at the same time humble, warm, and approachable. I'm very grateful to have met him, and for his continued instruction and support."

— Jane, Vancouver

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