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A four part series to support you in living from the heart.
9-11am PST, May 10 - July 23, 2023


The Tantric Heart Series is a four part collection of practices that includes Yin Yoga, devotional dance, meditation, and kirtan, with the option to join the classes live on zoom.

It is designed to open your heart and connect you with your inner self.

Through Yin Yoga, you will learn to release tension and surrender to the present moment. Devotional dance will help you express yourself and connect with others. Meditation will calm your mind and allow you to access deeper levels of consciousness.  The Tantric Body will help you connect with the divine in the world.

Dive into the Heart with the whole series and unlock the transformative power that comes from leading with the Heart. 


- Artemis Emily Doyle, Founder & Lead Facilitator

"I’ve practiced asana off and on for many years but I can say truthfully that I’ve never had the full example of yoga as a way of life, until studying with Anuttara"

-Malaika, Graduate

The heart is the way

The Tantric Heart is the state of being that arises when one is fully immersed in their True Essence. When we surrender the personal 'I' we melt the mind and learn listen to the wisdom that is resounding in the chambers of our own chest. 

Those who have experienced the Tantric Heart describe it as a state of pure bliss, in which all thoughts and worries disappear and one is left with a profound sense of peace and contentment. The Tantric Heart is the ultimate goal of Tantra practice, and is said to be the key to unlocking the full potential of the human spirit.

From Yin Yoga, to Tantric philosophy and devotional dance, this four part course provides you with a series of immersive practices. It is guided by a diverse panel of teachers, to assist you in dropping from the head down into the heart. 



"As a single parent, the online format provided me an opportunity to learn and practice that I would not have had otherwise. I had total freedom to work through lessons on my own time...I feel so grateful to have found Anuttara, and to have been given this opportunity to pursue teaching and deepen my own spirituality in such a loving and supportive online environment"

- Lindsay, Graduate

What to expect

  • A deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things

  • A sense of oneness with the universe

  • A greater appreciation for the present moment

  • A release from the constraints of the ego

  • A feeling of inner peace and contentment

  • A heightened sense of intuition and awareness

  • A shift in perspective towards a more compassionate and empathetic worldview

  • A dissolution of fear and anxiety

  • A recognition of the inherent beauty in all things

  • A deeper connection to one's true self and purpose.

  • Yin Yoga, Devotional Dance, Tantric Meditation, & an exploration of Tantra and Bhakti

The Tantric Heart Series

​The heart is the seat of our own deep wisdom, the quiet place within all of us that is the source of universal love. The tantric heart is where the extraordinary and ordinary meet.


This 4 course series has been carefully curated to support practitioners in deepening into the wisdom of the heart.


It is a collection of offerings from four different teachers providing a variety of teachings around the tantric heart. Each course has 4 modules within in.


This course is appropriate for anyone to join at any level of the spiritual journey.


Learn to rest in your heart through this unique 4 part series from Anuttara's senior faculty. Through several different modalities, discover the dynamic stillness of the heart.

Yin Yoga For The Heart 

This course is now available ON-DEMAND!

This course is lead by Ishvari and is designed to release collected agitation from the energetic heart, and discover its inherent resilience. You will receive the live recordings to access anytime.

Release, renewal & resilience

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM), this series of online Yin Yoga classes focuses on the fire element and its connection to the heart. The classes aim to support the wellness of the heart, both physically and emotionally, by grounding the heart spirit in the body. According to TCM, excessive anxiety or agitation can disturb the heart spirit which can lead to negative effects on the mind as well as the body's overall health. When we live in a culture that is dominated by anxiety, and constantly fuelled by marketing strategies and pressure to succeed, it is so essential to care for the heart.


Through this series of classes, participants can explore the connection between the heart and the fire element, and work towards a more balanced, open, and grounded state of being. These classes are intended to be a space of deep release, nourishment, and renewal. Through long-held postures targeting the meridian channels connected to the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of the heart, we will explore the expansive and naturally appreciative nature of the heart.

Investment: $50 CAD for this course or 20% off when buying the whole series - all 4 courses for $160 CAD


Deepening into the Tantric Understanding
Live classes: 9-11 AM PST
May 31, June 4, 7, & 11
, 2023

In a series of Live Sessions, Bhairav leads us through 4 meditations to help bring a deeper understanding to the Tantric Heart, through the teachings of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

What you'll receive:  

  • For LIVE viewers:  Discussion regarding the teachings of Tantra 

  • 4 Lectures with Bhairav disseminating the teachings of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

  • Experientals: partially guided practices from the Vijanana Bhairava Tantra

  • Greater understanding of the Tantric Heart

  • Practises to take home, deepen, and rest in the Silence that they bring

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Tantric Heart

  • Learn practical techniques for incorporating Tantric principles into daily life

  • Gain insight into the history and philosophy of Tantra

  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals

  • Receive guidance and support from experienced teachers

  • Access resources and materials for continued learning and growth

Investment: $50 CAD for this course or 20% off when buying the whole series - all 4 courses for $160 CAD

The Tantric Body
Live classes: 9-11 AM PST

June 21, 25, 28 & July 2, 2023

Something has been calling you to step out of the struggles of the mind and into a life lived in alignment with the will of the Sacred. Something has been asking you to listen to the pulse in your own chest and how it is synchronized with the pulse of all creation. 


This course is lead by Artemis and designed to explore the intersection of Divinity & Form through the paths of Tantra & Devotion.  It is for those who find that their life is one way when on the mat in meditation and another when they're out in the world.  It is meant to dissolve the boundaries between the form and formless.  


The four classes will each begin with a lecture, followed by a practice to explore the philosophy through direct experience, and end with a question and answer period.

Investment: $50 CAD for this course or 20% off when buying the whole series - all 4 courses for $160 CAD

Devotional Dance with Tara
Live classes: 9-11 AM PST

July 12, 16, 19 & 23, 2023

This course is lead by Tara  and has been designed as a pathway to truly meet ourselves, as well as others, beyond labels and judgements.

In this course we explore movement, breath and painting. We experience the body, mind and heart as a moving prayer. Free movement allows us to meet, embrace and transform what is alive in our experience moment by moment. It offers us a pathway to truly meet ourselves, as well as others, beyond labels and judgements.  In ancient traditions, dance was a tool to communicate with each other, with the natural world and with spirit. Until today dance invites us to find our own personal way to experience the Beloved; the formless spirit that exists at the very heart of our experience.  I invite all those who want to embody the living spirit of the heart.   *Absolutely no dance experience is needed. Just a curiosity to playfully explore mindful movement, breath and the mystery.*

Investment: $50 CAD for this course or 20% off when buying the whole series - all 4 courses for $160 CAD

Our Intention


Experience the bliss, peace and contentment of the heart.

This course is being presented from a non-dual Tantrik perspective. It was created to provide a rich and potent series of practices and lectures to support you in you experiential understanding of the tantric heart, the essence of being.

It is our intention to introduce you to practices, tools and art in a a way that empowers you to continue these practices with dedication, compassion and reverence. This course is incredibly unique and will serve you at many different points in your spiritual journey.

Why choose Anuttara?

Rooted in the teachings of Non-Dual Tantra and Bhakti Yoga

Our teachers are Trauma-Informed

We respect your gender, whatever it is 

Discover Yoga through music & dance

Study in a light-hearted and humorous atmosphere

Not Goal-Oriented

Connected to an Authentic Lineage, Honouring Yogic Tradition


Freedom to find your Yoga (not somebody's else's)

 Anuttara Yoga isn't about achieving a perfect posture. We believe Real Yoga is accessible to all beings regardless of age, shape, size, or colour. 

What others are saying about Anuttara Teachers:

"Bhairav's guidance has and continues to have a profound impact on my life. He shares his wisdom in the most humble and compassionate way, I am so grateful to have him as a teacher."



"One of the things I appreciate most about Ishvari is her ability to guide students into a state of deep relaxation. Her soothing voice and carefully chosen words help to quiet the mind and release tension from the body. Each time I leave one of her classes, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed."



"Artemis is a strong teacher who is not afraid to expose to you those parts of yourself that you might have been hiding from. Her offerings are invaluable."



"Artemis has an intuitive way of knowing what each student in the room needs. She somehow curates her answers & offerings to each individual."



"Ishvari's classes are so much more than asana, they are truly like a kiss from the divine. She is so present, gentle and soft, adapting her classes after all beings. I always leave feeling so grateful and like I'm being cradled by the entire universe."




"Bhairav is an authority on Tantra. He has been studying for a long time and everything he shares is coming from Authentic Understanding and his own deep realizations."


bhairav and artemis teachers at Anuttara Ashram

Not sure if this is for you?

Let's talk about it! Set up a private zoom call with one of our facilitators to feel out if this course is right for you. Schedule below. 


Is the course live?

Yes each course will be delivered as a live class via Zoom. If you miss any or want to take the class again you will have unlimited access to the online recording to watch at any time.


Do I need to take time off work to do this course?

Live classes will be from 9am - 11am pst on the dates listed. You can join as many live sessions as you like or watch the recorded class in your own time. So you are completely flexible!

When can I begin? 

You can register anytime and join a variety of live sessions starting May 10th, 2023 or once purchased, you can watch the recordings anytime you like. 

Can I purchase the courses individually? 

Yes you can purchase the courses separately for $50 CAD or receive 20% off if you purchase the whole Tantric Heart Series (all 4 courses for $160 CAD)


Is the course suitable for beginners? 

Yes! The course is designed for everyone, wherever they may be on their spiritual path.  

Tantric Heart Series

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