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Living from the Heart


Something has been calling you to step out of the struggles of the mind and to

Open your eyes to see the radiance of this very moment.  

Tantra reveals that a rich and fulfilling life isn't confined to caves or monasteries. For centuries, it has guided individuals like you towards awakening the Sacred in their daily existence.

Within Tantra, the Heart symbolizes the source and essence of all. It encompasses the Infinite Absolute, the magic of life itself.

This course empowers you to embody and live from the Heart, blending your practice effortlessly into your daily routine. It equips you with tools to reshape challenges into catalysts for spiritual growth, navigate emotions, tap into spiritual wisdom, embody the essence of Tantra, and infuse everyday life with a profound sense of Love.


Course Benefits:

  • Transform obstacles into opportunities for spiritual growth.

  • Learn to tune into your Higher Wisdom.

  • Navigate emotions and experiences with Grace.

  • Embody the tantric essence in your daily life.

  • Cultivate deeper connections through the Tantra Yoga of Relationship.

  • Learn to infuse Love into every action.

Class Topics:

The four classes blend lectures with experiential practices, fostering a deep understanding of these themes:


The Wisdom of the Heart
Part 1

This class will explore the heart as a source of wisdom and a place to find direction in life.  This is perfect for anyone looking to connect with their inner power, purpose, intuition, & inner wisdom.


Tantra Yoga of Emotions

Part 2

Learn to perceive and process your experiences and emotions as part of a divine dance. Cultivate reverence for the unfolding of life as it is. This is a powerful lecture for anyone who has an intuition that our emotions are powerful teachers when we can sit with them and allow them to be. 


Tantra Yoga of Relationship

Part 3

This lesson will cover the importance of all relationships in Tantra and how to use relationships to advance our spiritual growth. Together we will do a a specific practice to enhance our ability to relate to our bodies as sacred. 


Love in Action
Part 4

This lesson explores Bhakti-Tantra and the profound connection between ritual, devotion, and service. Through these practices, we learn to taste the beauty of everyday life as well as to dissolve our sense of separateness into the bliss of being


Whats Included:

  • 8+ hours of recorded material

  • Lectures and Practices from the Kashmir Shaivist tradition

  • Article written by Artemis to support you in your understanding

  • Links to other inspiring teachers & lectures 

  • Poetry from great sages and masters for opening the heart

About the Facilitator:

Artemis Emily Doyle

She is a lead facilitator in the Anuttara school, co-author of the Power of Tantra Meditation, the co-host of the Tantra & Yoga Podcast, and an empowered teacher within the Shivoham Tantra lineage. Artemis has been studying yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices since 2008.

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"Artemis held me with such love, and compassion. She made sure to follow up and see how I was doing. And she really helped me to integrate the teachings so I not only knew them but I LIVED them."


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