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"Anuttara provided the opportunity to step away from an individual self and start to truly experience and access a feeling of all one, an interconnectedness that I had never felt before."

- Ananda

2020 Teachers


"It is a home to my heart and if you want the freshest air, water, and earth in the world, this is that. Combine saintliness with the extraordinarily pristine and you have something truly special and sacred. This is the real deal. "

- Christopher

Upcoming retreats & Trainings

Yoga Rising: An Online Course

One month discovery of  Yoga beyond the mat.  Experience life in a Yogic Community, study Yoga Philosophy, practice kirtan, devotional dance, sacred fire ceremonies, serve in the kitchen, garden or with other projects and live a yogic life. A 100 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program.

April 22 - May 20, 2020


A Multi-Style 200 hour Spiritual Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training.  Study with teachers who have over 20 years of experience while living in a unique off-grid setting. 

July 15 - August 11, 2020


Realign and revitalize your energy system attune it with that of the cosmic energy.  Join us for a 10-day Deep Immersion into Authentic Classical Tantra with our very special guest teacher from India, Guruji Raj Kumar.  

AUGUST 13 - 23, 2020

Deep Meditation Retreat

A 3-day Psycho-Shamanic intensive with Sananda Das & Nuti.  This Retreat is only for previous students or new students that come with references. 

August 25 - 27, 2020


There is another way, a way that has been written in the rhythms of the moon, the forest, the ocean, and our wombs.  This will be an initiation into the ancient ways through Tantrik ritual and deep listening to our earth-bodies.  Immerse yourself and unite with others in the harmonious listening to the fluid connection that our bodies have with nature and the feminine wisdom which innately permeates each of us.

AUG. 30 - SEPT. 8, 2020


18 days focused on teaching multiple styles of meditation from different traditions all of which the main teacher has practiced extensively.  Learn to go deeper into yourself and to share this sacred space with others. 

SEPT. 10 - 28, 2020

Wisdom of the Heart
Partial Silent Retreat

The path of love can be found in many devotional traditions Bhakti Yoga, Christianity, Sufism and more.  Yet for many of us, this journey from head to heart is either not being tread or considered 'too difficult'.  Join Artemis Doyle in a 5-day silent retreat dedicated to cracking open and learning to live in love.   Sink into your own sacred temple of being within the heart.

Sept. 29 - Oct. 3


In all of our retreats, programs, and trainings, there is an opportunity to learn about the thread which weaves its way through all of the major religions and spiritual traditions throughout time.  Together we touch in on the simplicity of being and learn to come home to our Self.


"When you enter this place, no matter how hard you resist, you will slowly unravel the truth about life and yourself. The teachers are so genuine with a deep and loving desire to see the students grow, awaken and blossom. It can be a truly life-changing experience."

- Laura


Although in today’s western world a retreat may seem like a very modern thing it is an ancient practice that has been around since time immemorial and across a range of cultures. Retreats can be found in North American Indigenous cultures in the way that the women would ‘retreat’ to the moon lodge or the young adults would take a solo trek out into the forest to discover....


"A community conducive for spiritual practice.  It has given me the space to open up to life."

- Nolan


Before anything else, the ashram is a community.  The Anuttara Sangha (spiritual community) orients itself around a 'divine embodiment model'.  

Together we feel it is important to neither grasp for divinity nor resist the beauty in your humanity. 

Anuttara stands out from other spiritual communities because we do not hire people to do the 'dirty work'.  It is the community who digs the holes, gets their hands muddy, grows the food, etc.  

Our approach is to embody timeless transcendental principles with two feet on the ground.  


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Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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Anuttara is Loving, Accepting & Inclusive to the LGBTQ+ Community