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Disconnect to Reconnect

 Disconnect and reconnect in our unforgettable off-grid cabins in the sacred Nass Valley. Designed for a 'slow stay,' Anuttara Cabins & Retreats are about changing the pace and reconnecting with what truly matters. 

A Secluded Place of Simple Comforts

cabin rentals & personal retreats

Take this time to focus on what matters most.

Nourish your mind, body and soul with healthy Ayurvedic meals, spiritually uplifting yoga & meditation, and the inspiration of the natural wilderness.

Take time to adventure through the acres of forest, and experience the authentic beauty of natural waterfalls, mountainous views and the sacred Nass River.


Cabin Rental /
Self-Guided Retreats

2 - 28 nights

Let the worries of the world dissolve as you get back into your own flow.


Packaged Retreats

4 - 14 nights

A multi-night wellness package that allows you to get away longer for less.

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"Anuttara is a truly special place! The ashram is indescribably beautiful, offering a chance to slow down and experience a different pace of life. I stayed for a week retreat and spent a fair bit of time reading, relaxing and exploring the property. I'll always remember my solo mountain gazing hikes. The yoga they practice is simple and gentle, and is a style I am still exploring years later. This place is really really worth a visit." - Justine 

Restorative Yoga Getaway

Indulge in daily practices to find deep and nourishing rest.  Move with a group through a weekend to reset your nervous system, boost your immune system, relax your body, and find peace in the mind.  

Sep 16 - 18, 2022


"I hadn't realized how much I had been aching for something like this.  Living in nature. Waking up to the birds, incredible!"
- Dimitri

self guided retreat

Cabin Rental /
Self-Guided Retreats

2 - 28 nights

Our Self-Guided Retreats are designed to function outside of our workshops and group structures. These Retreats are for those who want to immerse themselves in the peace, space, and natural beauty of nature and who want to relax into peace and quiet, go at your own pace and do what you feel you need. The beauty that surrounds you at Anuttara supports serenity for the mind, the body, the spirit, and offers nourishment for all three.

Accommodation + 3 Healthy Ayurvedic meals included, Yoga, meditation and other add-ons available for an additional cost. 

packaged retreats

Packaged Retreat

4 - 14 nights

Enjoy our all inclusive, wellness retreat!  Be supported by our loving staff with this curated package for inner and outer well-being.  Start your day with a guided yoga class and a nourishing Ayurvedic breakfast.  Meet with one of our main facilitators and receive their guidance in curating a personalized sadhana (spiritual practice) for physical, mental, emotional, and energetic well-being.  Enjoy massages and meditations with our accredited practitioners, participate in an Ayurvedic cooking class and honour your experience with personal time to journal, reflect, and explore the wilderness around you.  

Retreat includes: 

  • airport pick-up

  • daily guided morning yoga classes

  • morning & evening silent group meditation (unguided)

  • tour of the grounds

  • 3 healthy vegan/vegetarian homemade meals/day

  • 1 chakra reading

  • 1 personalized spiritual guidance meeting with the main facilitator

  • 1 private class: meditation class  [or] yoga nidra

  • 1 massage

If you're staying for 7 + days enjoy additional:

  • personalized spiritual guidance

  • private classes

  • Ayurvedic cooking class

Ashram Living

A ‘retreat’ is a spiritual opportunity for the seeker or ‘retreater’ to turn away from the typical distractions of the external world and to travel inward. 


Our Ashram Living Program provides the opportunity to retreat away from the busy-ness of the world, get offline, disconnect and immerse oneself in an integrated spiritual life in an AFFORDABLE way.  

This is a retreat in its truest and original meaning.  There will be no fancy umbrella drinks or poolside service.  You will live in a community practicing yoga, meditation, participate in kirtan, devotional dance, spiritual lectures, and practice selfless service during your stay.  


Our Cabins

Tucked away in the forest yet only a 3 minute walk to the yoga hall and 5 minutes to the main hall.  These cabins have private decks with stunning natural views of the mountains and surrounding area.  Completely off-grid and perfect for your next technology detox experience the wild right at your front door.

Cabin Details

  • Bedding & Towels

  • Indoor Shower with shampoo, conditioner & body wash

  • Kitchenette with pots, plates, kettle and all the cooking essentials

  • Pull out couch

  • Outdoor Compost toilet

  • Firewood (seasonal)

  • Hiking trails

  • First aid and bear safety kit

  • Private deck with a view

"My husband and I stayed at Anuttara for a week. Going into it, we didn’t really know what to expect! But we were over the moon happy with the facilities, the delicious meals (which were made catered to my allergies), the fabulous yoga and the over all amazing vibe of the place. We would highly recommend Anuttara for anyone who is looking to escape the crazy life of the city, unwind and tap into their spiritual side. We left with full hearts, full bellies and lots of new friends!" - Jasmine

Our Food

All meals are made with mainly fresh vegetables from our organic garden.  They are also made in an Ayurvedic way to help create an inner well being of peace & tranquility. 

We are able to accommodate

  • gluten-free

  • dairy-free

  • nut-free 

  • and most allergies/intolerance

We eat a yogic diet and do not serve: 

  • alcohol 

  • meat & eggs

  • coffee 

  • onions, garlic & mushroom

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