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July 2 - August 20, 2023

(Also known as The Yoga Program or The Seva Program)


Come alive in sacred community for 2 to 49 days in an inspiring off-grid location.  Spend your days surrounded by forest, mountains, wildlife, and like-hearted beings.  Immerse yourself in a spiritually oriented lifestyle and deepen your practice & spiritual understanding in our Ashram Living Program. 

This program provides the opportunity to retreat away from the busyness and distractions of the world.  Going offline, immersing oneself in an integrated spiritual life, in an AFFORDABLE way, is a retreat in its truest and original meaning.  There will be no fancy umbrella drinks or poolside service.  


Live in the ashram community practicing yoga, meditation, kirtan, devotional dance, spiritual lectures, satsang, and practice selfless service (seva) during your stay. This program provides you with a framework for the integration of work and spirit, as a practice essentially leading you to love in action.

This year the Ashram is extending its fundraising initiative to this Program; we are running entirely off of Sevakas (Volunteers), helping to raise funds to pay for Ashram expenses for the 2023 year, as well as renovation and improvement projects.​​


Please note there are limited spots available. 

  • Community activities

    • Yoga

      • Guided & Personal Practice ​

    • Satsang

      • once weekly question & answer period​

    • Kirtan

      • weekly community mantra chanting​

    • Meditation

      • Guided

      • Mantra initiation

      • Daily group silent sits​

    • Meals

      •  Simple Ayurvedic Vegan & Vegetarian Meals

    • Discussions

      • Spiritual & Philosophical Conversations  

    • Selfless service

      • Seva, Karma Yoga, Volunteering​

    • Silence 

      • Silent mornings

      • usually one full silent day a week

    • Intimacy with nature

      • surrounded by 108 acres of pristine old growth forest, there are two waterfalls on the property, cliffs, & a meditation cave

ashram yoga community spiritual community in the garden



There is a minimum commitment of only 2 days. Spaces are limited. Please before you commit to a set amount of time, recognize that a community will be depending on you and your service.