Yoga Rising: An Online Immersion Course

Alone Together United in Love

Starts May 21

100 hours of Yogic Study

For Teachers, Spiritual Seekers
& Yoga Beginners

Study From Home

Unlimited Course Access

100 hour YACEP Certified Course

What's included?

Over 30 hours of Guided Spiritual & Energetic Yoga & Meditation Practices

Go at your own pace.  Take as long as you need to finish.

Team of Experienced & Supportive Teachers

Yoga Anatomy & Yoga Philosophy

Live Online Question & Answer Sessions

Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini & Kids Yoga

Devotional Dance & Kirtan, Mantra Practice

100 hour Yoga Alliance Con. Ed. Certificate,
50 Anuttara Yoga Credits









This course is being offered on a sliding scale with scholarships for those who cannot afford the starting price.  We have chosen to do this in order to make the course more accessible. 


It is our hope that this course will provide people with the foundation for the budding possibility of our future and what better way to exemplify that than through an inclusive pricing system.

The typical going rate for an online course such as this one is anywhere between $150 - $1500 dollars. Maybe your budget fits into this pricing.  Maybe you want to pay more. Maybe you want to pay less. 

The problem with offering the course for free is that then its value is lost and the participants typically do not have the same dedication or desire to participate.  It is believed in yogic philosophy that in order for the student to receive the benefits of the teachings they must first make an offering.  This way it is perceived as a fair energetic exchange between teacher and student without karmic ties or bondage.  We also want to honor the time that went into making these teachings accessible to you. 

The problem with tacking a set price onto this program is that it makes these teachings inaccessible for some.  Not everyone is working.  Not everyone has financial stability.  Not everyone has extra spending money.  This limits who can receive the gifts this course has to offer and is not in alignment with the more inclusive world that we hope will spring out of these times of uncertainty. 

Therefore, the solution is to let YOU choose the course fee. You can choose an amount that falls within the sliding scale amounts or you can write to us if you would like to pay more or less.  Choose your price based on:

Your financial means
Your anticipation of value
Similar courses on the market
What represents a gesture of commitment
Your desire to support our continued work

Regardless of the amount you choose, you will have the same privileges and access to content as everyone else. We are not trying to draw you in to upsell you into a "premium program."

This IS the premium program!

We also are not living in financial abundance and know very well what it is like to want to learn but to be limited by your bank account.  Feelings of injustice and cynical judgment can arise.  If you are in that boat now, please understand that you are sincerely welcome to join us.

If later on, you feel that you paid too much or too little, you can always adjust it to an amount that is in alignment with you and your desire to support us in making more learning journeys in the future.



No one will be turned away for a lack of funds.
Please contact us to request an application form.  

The ashram is usually a spiritual refuge for many beautiful beings; over the years many of you have come to cherish the teachings, the practice, and most of all - the community.  With the current global pandemic, we have decided that now more than ever we are being called to connect. Here is an opportunity to experience Ashram life from the comfort of your own home

The global pandemic that we are currently moving through doesn't only affect us physically, but it can also affect us emotionally and energetically.  Even if we do not contract the virus, we can feel the repercussions of being on Planet Earth in this time of widespread fear and uncertainty.  This program has been designed to unite us as a force of love that will triumph over fear and anxiety.  L
et's not wait until tomorrow.  As we pass through these turbulent times, we call upon you to join us in cultivating the world we want to live in today and forever. 

Together, we will practice yoga on and beyond the mat. Through philosophy classes, anatomy classes, guided meditations, mantra, dance and more.  In your own home, you will live a yogic life; in union with nature and like-hearted spiritual seekers. Cultivate strong habits and practices, create new friendships and connect with spiritual sangha.

Together we will explore the four main paths of yoga: Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Karma Yoga.  Bhakti Yoga will be practiced through ritual, song, mantra & dance.  Raja Yoga will be practiced through asana, pranayama, & meditation.  Jnana Yoga will be practiced through Self-inquiry, observation and a recognition of the witness consciousness.  Karma Yoga will be practiced through selfless service in your own home, community and online presence. 

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Nass Valley, BC, Canada

Anuttara Ashram exists within the Nisga'a Nation

Anuttara is Loving & Inclusive to the LGBTQ+ Community

Black lives have always and will always matter.