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'I’ve practiced asana off and on for many years but I can say truthfully that I’ve never had the full example of yoga as a way of life until studying with Anuttara Ashram. Not only is the knowledge presented vast, but it also stretches across and reaches into - our daily way of being." - Malaika, Anuttara Student




Practice yoga & meditation with us from your own own. Connect with the Spirit of Anuttara through our online retreats and courses.

Connect with community

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SAṄGHA Gatherings

An introductory online course to the world of traditional Tantrā.

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Tāntrik Mantrā 

Power, Consciousness, & Embodiment

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Tantra Meditation

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Join us at at Anuttara Ashram, in the mossy forests of Northern, BC, Canada, or abroad, for an in-person course or retreat.  Anuttara provides a nurturing environment and community; in a space that supports self-discovery, self-love and spiritual understanding. 

Please note we are closed for the Winter. We will re-open again in the Spring.


Seva Program

Volunteer, practice and live in community. 


Personal Retreat

Camping or cabin rentals. Create your own retreat at the ashram.


Many people choose to stay at an ashram for a small or extended period of time because they are seeking a place where they can escape from their personal tribulations.  Anuttara Ashram provides a supportive environment and community; leading those seeking to find practices and a way of being that may lead to a truer and more authentic way of living life.  The ashram is a tranquil and silent space that supports self-discovery, self-love and spiritual understanding. 

Being content with the simple living of the ashram helps us to see the deeper meaning and true necessities of life.  Those who fully immerse themselves in the experience of living at the ashram leave with a feeling of wholeness, peace and an abundance of love.