with artemis


Sept. 29 - Oct. 3 

with artemis

The path of love can be found in many devotional traditions Bhakti Yoga, Christianity, Sufism and more.  Yet for many of us, this journey from head to heart is either not being tread or considered 'too difficult'.  Join Artemis Doyle in a 5-day semi-silent retreat dedicated to cracking open and learning to live in love.  

There is a yogic analogy that Bhakti Yoga (The Yoga of Love) and Jnana Yoga (The Yoga of Self-knowledge) are the two wings of a bird and balance between these two paths is needed for the bird to fly.  This retreat will provide practices for blending and balancing the heart & mind and hopefully giving you the ability to fly.  

Silence will be practiced between sessions of Heart-based Yoga & Meditation Practices, Kirtan, Poetry, Cacao Ceremony, Devotional Dance, & more.  A 20 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program.

The Self is the heart, self-luminous. Illumination arises from the heart and reaches the brain, which is the seat of the mind. The world is seen with the mind; so you see the world by the reflected light of the Self. He who has realized the Self in the Heart has transcended the dualities and is never perplexed.  

- Ramana Maharishi

Retreat Schedule:
Sept. 29 - Introduction + Dinner, Silence begins

Oct. 3 - Closing Ceremony + Breakfast, Silence Ends

Daily Schedule:

**Activities may include Forest Walk, Cacao Ceremony, Kirtan, Nada Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Poetry, or Devotional Dance**

Note: This Schedule will vary, the heart is spontaneous 

7:00 - Heart-Based Asana Practice + Heart Meditation

9:00 - Breakfast 

11:00 - Heart Meditation

12:30 - Lunch 

1:30 - Afternoon Activity

5:00 - Heart Meditation 

6:00 - Dinner 

7:30 - Evening Activity

Who is Artemis?

She is.

Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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