What IS Yoga?

May seem like a silly question but in today's world of expensive yoga mats and designer yoga pants we think it might be a question that is not being asked enough.  

This is a weekend long course designed for those looking to begin practising, understanding and deepening their practise in yoga and meditation.  

The course offers:

  • two basic yoga classes/day

  • two guided meditation classes/day

  • one non-guided meditation class/day

  • two Yoga philosophy and history classes/day

  • three vegetarian (yogic) meals/day

  • tea breaks

  • accomodation 

This course is offered once per year for those interested in getting involved in Yoga and meditation.  It is for those who have heard that it is good for them but have no idea where to get started.  It is for those afraid to step into a yoga class but desire to.  It is for those who have started but want to know more.  It is for those involved wishing to share with friends.  This is for you. 

The course will start October 2 at 6pm and run until October 4 at 6 pm.  

The cost is depending on accomodation choice:   

Camping - $260 
Dormitory - $320
Shared Cabin/person - $380 
Private Cabin - $450 

**Cost includes all classes, meals and accomodation. 

Nass Valley, BC, Canada


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