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Tantrik Initiation

2022 Dates TBA

Join us in receiving an Authentic Tantrik initiation into the three modes of Tantrā: Māntra, Yantra, & Yajña. Receive a personal mantra that will empower you as a yoga teacher. Participate in Yajña (fire ceremony) and the building of a sacred yantra (a geometric shape). This course will also include Tantrik Philosophy Classes, Ritual, & Ceremony.

Before initiation can take place, it is important to learn the basics of tantrā and practice mantra sadhana. Learn more about Tantrā at Anuttara and register for our free introductory course, providing a mantra to work with here.

What will I learn?

tantrik philosophy

traditional tantrik practices

what is yantra?

what is māntra?

what is yajña?

recieve māntra initiation

what is ritual?

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