Tantric Initiation

July 8 - 12, 2021

Join us in receiving an Authentic Tantric initiation into the three modes of Tantra: Mantra, Yantra, & Yagna. Receive a personal mantra that will empower you as a yoga teacher. Participate in yajna (fire ceremony) and the building of a sacred yantra (a geometric shape). This course will also include Tantric Philosophy Classes, Ritual, & Ceremony.

What will I learn?

tantric philosophy

traditional trantric practices

what is yantra?

what is mantra? 

what is yagna?

mantra initiation 

what is ritual?

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Nass Valley, BC, Canada


Anuttara Ashram exists within the Nisga'a Nation

Anuttara is Loving, Accepting & Inclusive to the LGBTQ+ Community

Black lives have always and will always matter.