10 Days with

A Tantric Master

August 13 - 23, 2020

Meet a Tantric Master

August 13 - 23, 2020

Guruji Maharaj serves as a Tantric Master and Spiritual Guide to hundreds of disciples that have had the fortune to meet him and take initiation into Tantric Sadhana. He is the Guru of the Sri Bhairavanand lineage.

Guruji can consciously access and enter into altered states of consciousness to acquire knowledge to provide help and spiritual assistance to persons in need. 

This is a rare opportunity to sit and practice in the presence of an authentic Tantric Master.  Under his guidance, you will begin to clear blockages, stabilize the energy system and prepare the body and mind for the path of Kundalini Shakti.  

Who is Guruji?

Our lineage is revered as the Sri Bhairavanand Lineage, it is a tantric lineage that is rooted in Shaivism, and offers Sadhanas under the name Shivoham Tantra.

As a tantric master, Guruji Maharaj has had various Guru’s (spiritual guides) that have provided him with a variety of keys to unlock the deeper mystery of Tantra. Guruji’s main Guru is Sri Bhairavanand.

Guruji is down to earth, and easy to approach. He is highly revered by countless people who have studied with him.  His sincere light-hearted nature and mastery on this path is inspiring to all who come into his presence.

At this time in his life, Guruji is empowering a number of his disciples to teach and preserve the teachings passed through him. Many of these disciples are living full time at the Ashram in Canada.  You can read more about them here.

If you would like to know more about Guruji, the Ashram and teachings, visit his website: Shivoham Tantra.


Creating & Building a Yantra (Sacred Geometry)

Yagnas (Fire Ceremonies)

Mantra Initiation

Energetic Assessment 

Private Meeting with Guruji

Tantric Philosophy & Storytelling

Daily Yoga Classes 

Kirtan (Mantra Chanting & Singing)

Sanskar - a process of applying herbal remedies to the body with Mantra use for purification and an energy boost to help make the Sadhana more effective 

Nadi Shodhan - a specialized technique using a rare and potent paste that is applied to help energetic transmissions to take place.

"Vision is illusion. Experience is the light of Truth."

- Guruji Maharaj