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300-hour Experiential

at Anuttara Ashram

You can only guide your students to the depth you've gone yourself.


"This course deeply transformed me"
- Samuel, Graduate 

Get Certified

This course is certified by the Yoga Alliance. There is an option to combine this with our 200 YTT for the full 500hr cerrtification.

Retreat in Nature

Live in a supportive, off-grid community of fellow practitioners, surrounded by nature. Enjoy healthy ayurvedic meals.

Experienced Facilitators

Study with inspiring, dedicated Facilitators
with decades of experience.  

Rooted in Tradition

We draw on teachings from the Shivoham Tantra lineage & Guruji Raj Kumar, a living Tanrik master. 

Sacred Geomertry

Study and learn the significance of ancient sacred geometry. Experience the rare art of building an empowered living Yantra. 

Experience the Chakras

Learn Chakra Yoga and how to teach it. Dive deeply into each Chakra in a 7-day Chakra intensive.

"I'm leaving a changed human being. I've done so many courses and certifications, all of them are nothing compared to this training." 
- Harpreet, 2021 graduate



In modern western spiritual cultures, Tantra has been misconstrued to be a practice for enhancing one's sex life.  A sophisticated and authentic spiritual tradition has sadly been diminished through this over-sexualization.  


Really, tantra is a deeply rich spiritual tradition that is adaptive for all practitioners.  Built upon the fundamental belief that all life is sacred, Tantra is accessible for all spiritual seekers regardless of their age, sex, gender, or spiritual expertise. Tantra is a path where your mind cannot follow that leads to awakening.  

"All Life is sacred"


Traditional Tantra is a path of initiation.  This is not a practice you can simply pick up from a book.  It has to be experienced through the transference of energy from teacher to student, from guru to sadhak.  


In this Exclusive training, we will explore the tools of a thousand-year-old tradition, Through Asana, ritual, Nyas, and the prestigious tools of mantra (sacred sound), Yantra (sacred geometry), and Yagna (sacred fire ceremony) you will be initiated into the Shivoham Tantra lineage,

"This is not a practice you can simply pick up from a book"


This lineage is shared through Bhairav Thomas English and Artemis Emily Doyle with the blessing of the Tantrik master, Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar.


In this tradition, we honor the Goddess in all of her compassionate and wrathful forms. 

"There was so much more than book knowledge coming from this, there was some energy that was transmitted that is beyond anything my mind can perceive. I am so grateful"
- Ross, Graduate



Bhairav Thomas English

is the founder of Anuttara Ashram and a co-creator within the Anuttara Turyatita School. He co-created the Anuttara Teacher Trainings and courses along side his partner Artemis. He is a lead facilitator in the Anuttara Teacher Trainings, co-authour of the Power of Tantra Meditation, the co-host of the Tantra & Yoga Podcast, and an empowered teacher within the Shivoham Lineage.  


He moved to India in 1998 and has been studying and practicing Yoga and Tantra for over 20 years. First, under the direct guidance of his first teacher in India, and later in 2009, he met Guruji Maharaj of the right-handed Shivoham Tantra Tradition. In 2018, Bhairav completed a 6-year initiation with Guruji Maharaj. The completion of this intense Sadhana empowered him as a Guru and lineage holder in the Shivoham Lineage. 


Bhairav is not a scholar but a practitioner with deep and authentic experiences with many masters and yogis throughout the East. He has been empowered by Guruji Maharaj to initiate all who are interested into the power of Mantra Meditation. To be in the presence of a yoga teacher of his stature is not an everyday event. Bhairav is incredibly easy to talk to and approachable. He happily answers those large philosophical questions that might have otherwise gone unanswered.


Artemis Emily Doyle

is the founder of Anuttara’s Turyatita School, and co-founder of Anuttara Ashram. She initiated and co-created the Anuttara Teacher Trainings and courses along side her partner Bhairav. She is a lead facilitator in the Anuttara school, co-author of the Power of Tantra Meditation, the co-host of the Tantra & Yoga Podcast, and an empowered teacher within the Shivoham Tantra lineage. 


Artemis has been studying yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices since 2008.  In 2014, she met and received Darshan from her two main teachers Sri Mooji Baba and Guruji Maharaj in India. Artemis has been leading Shivoham tantrik festivals and sadhana with the blessing of Guruji Maharaj alongside her partner Bhairav since 2015. She has been initiated in a rare tantrik sadhana in tantrik moon time practices and has been empowered to share sacred rituals and ceremonies for Chandalini.  


Artemis also draws a lot of strength and wisdom from her teachers in the Kashmir Shaivist tradition through Eric Baret, Ellen Emmet, and Rupert Spira. She is a registered forest therapy guide and was initiated as a healer in ceremonial cacao in the traditional Mayan rite. Artemis has a deep connection with Bhakti Yoga and a powerful ability to guide others in deep meditation through kirtan. Artemis shines when singing and guiding kirtan.  She sets souls on fire, as she conveys her genuine connection with Spirit through song.

"The teachers were incredible!" - Tyler, Graduate



Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar

Our lineage is revered as the Sri Bhairavanand Lineage, it is a tantric lineage that is rooted in Shaivism, and offers Sadhanas under the name Shivoham Tantra. As a tantric master, Guruji Maharaj has had various Guru’s (spiritual guides) that have provided him with a variety of keys to unlock the deeper mystery of Tantra. Guruji’s main Guru is Sri Bhairavanand. Guruji is down to earth, and easy to approach. He is highly revered by countless people who have studied with him.  His sincere light-hearted nature and mastery on this path is inspiring to all who come into his presence. If you would like to know more about Guruji, the Ashram and teachings, visit his website: Shivoham Tantra.

"It's the transmission of this depth of understanding that is really special and unique" - Samuel, Graduate


6 AM - Aarti 
6:15 - Tantra Yoga
7:00 - Japa (Mantra Meditation)
8:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Lecture 
12:00 - Student sharing (breaking into groups to discuss) 
1:00 - Lunch 
3:00 - Lecture 
5:00 - Asana Practice + Evening Meditations 
6:30 - Dinner 
8:00 - Sharing, Kirtan, Yagna or Puja



  • Spiritual Seekers ​

  • Aspiring Tantriks & Teachers 

  • Experienced Meditators 

  • Those interested in ritual 

  • Students with a basic understanding of  Tantra, Yoga, and the Chakras

  • Practitioners looking to study Authentic Traditional Tantra without an emphasis on sexual tantra

  • Anyone feeling called to deepen their devotion & dedication to their spiritual path

We recommend taking our 200-hour Foundational Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training (online or in-person) before this training. 

"It was really powerful to experience REAL yoga as a spiritual experience" - Dani, Graduate


“This is the beauty of tantra. It doesn’t deny the world; it says, ‘The world is beautiful; it is true; it is the playground of the Divine Mother, and we are all her playmates.’ According to tantra, we have to realize Brahman through this world, not by negating this world. People are often confused by and fearful of the world, but God did not create the world to frighten people. There must be a purpose of this creation. What is the purpose? Play.

~ Swami Chetanananda


Starting at  $4,100 CAD

price includes accommodation, meals & tuition 

Combine this with our 200-hour Yoga & meditation Teacher Training for the Full 500-hour course!




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