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The Online Tantra Training, as taught by Bhairav Aryavrat (Thomas English), is a training that has been developed as an introduction to some key concepts of Traditional Tantra, and the Tantrik Path.  It is a prerequisite for many of our Tantra Courses and will bring the practitioner to a deeper understanding of the sacred science that is Tantra.  Together we will discover the philosophy behind the traditional Tantrik practices of mantra (sacred syllables), yantra (sacred geometry), yagna (sacred fire ceremony) & puja (sacred ritual). 


Westernized Tantra often referred to as 'Neo-Tantra' is largely fixated on sex and sexuality.  It is important for us at Anuttara that a clear differentiation is made in the spiritual world between 'Neo-Tantra' being used to improve your sex life and Tantra as a traditional and validated path for enlightenment.  


Tantra is a holistic system of growth, which brings the elements of nature both within and without us into harmony.  The harmonization of our inner and outer worlds leads to an uncovering and revelation of the ultimate reality.  This course is not about sexuality, but about the philosophy and practices of Tantric adepts, and the very down to earth understanding of such. 


This course is meant for those who have a curiosity about Tantra, or even those who feel called or compelled to go into a more  Tantra but do not know where to start.  


The Emergence of Tantra in India, and its Importance in the Modern World

The Meaning of Yagna

Mantra - Sacred Syllables

Yagna the Sacredness of Fire

The Importance of Ritual

Kundalini, a Phenomenon of Embodiment 

Sadhana - Spiritual Practice

Thomas English

Thomas, also known as Bhairav, has been studying Tantra for the past 20 years and has been studying with Guruji for the last 10 years.  Bhairav underwent an intense 5-year moksha Sadhana that empowered him to step into his full potential as a Tantrik teacher.  The work of Guruji has given Bhairav strength and perseverance.  He is able to hold incredible amounts of Shakti Kundalini, initiate beings into Mantra, and sanctify Yagna ceremonies.  What is most astonishing about all of this is that he does it all in an unassuming manner.  Bhairav leads all Tantra Retreats & Trainings at Anuttara under the guidance and with the blessings of Guruji. 



Im am incredibly grateful to have found such an authentic and knowledgable teacher, who was able to communicate the power and beauty of the Tantrik path in such a down to earth way. I was inspired by his fierce dedication to his own spiritual path, and I believe his teachings inspired within myself a deep curiosity and desire to explore the mysterious world of Tantra.


I was introduced to tantra through Thomas/Bhairav. As a teacher and as a person, I think he is competent, grounded, and highly accessible. He manages to be very knowledgeable and at the same time humble, warm, and approachable. I'm very grateful to have met him, and for his continued instruction and support.