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We are open to all spiritual practices and are in no way dogmatic or fanatical about the places from which our spiritual teachings derive.  We have had experience in Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta, Advaita, Kashmir Shaivism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism and more; we are therefore very open-hearted and minded to all spiritual practices and can see the golden thread which ties all spiritual beliefs together.  The following teachers are those with whom we have had and do have the deepest resonance.  We welcome you to learn more about our teachers and if you come visit, we are also open to learning more about yours.  We have created this page for you to have a better understanding of our background and also because it often brings ease to many visitors to know that we come from authentic spiritual lineages with authentic spiritual teachings.  A lot of the teachings, meditations, and beliefs at Anuttara relate back to our beloved gurus (teachers), however we in no way expect your to take them on as your own.  

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Guruji Raj Kumar

A lot of our Sadhana retreats, practices of mantra-s, purification techniques, yantras, and fire ceremonies we teach and perform come from the traditional tantric teachings of India from Guruji Raj Kumar. 

Guruji Raj Kumar lives in a small city of Maharashtra, next to Nagpur, in India. During his life, having had 67 gurus from which he received many different Sadhanas, he considers that 11 are most important, out of these 11, his root guru, Swami Bhairavananda who began guiding him from the age of 14, through vision and through dreams and continues to guide him on the subtle level. Bhairavananda has guided him to meet all of his other gurus all over India in order to receive proper initiations and to practice the specific Sadhanas. These gurus are both physically incarnated gurus and also gurus from the Astral Realm that he met through his abilities of meditation and Yoga Nidra (the yoga of the dreams, the ability to remain lucid in the dreams and to explore the astral realms and to reach Samadhi through the dreams).


All in all, Guruji Rajkumar performed intense Sadhanas for 35 years, he did Sadhanas with all the different aspects of manifestation in the Tantric tradition connected with the 64 tantras (10 Maha Vidhyas, different aspects of Durga, 64 Bhairavas, 64 Yoginis, Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, etc). Additionally, he performed Sadhanas connected with other traditions: Sufi, Christian and other minor religions. From this practice, he acquired a universal understanding of the interconnectedness of the different religions and spiritual practices. His main way of practicing is deeply rooted in the Tantric tradition through the use of Tantra, Yantra and Mantra.

He has never attended any school or university yet in spite of that is able to speak about various scientific issues in the fields of medicine, physics, electricity, atomic energy, etc. Today he is in touch with different specialists in those fields mainly in India in order to promote some of the discovery that he acquired trough meditation or inspiration from his guru.

To view his website, click here.

Mooji Baba

Mooji is a true light in this world, whose presence, wisdom and loving guidance point us to who we are beyond the limitations of our personal conditioning and identity. In open interactions with this great spiritual Master, seekers of Truth from all backgrounds and traditions are introduced to the direct path to freedom through self-inquiry and The Invitation—which is proving to be one of the most effective aids for true and lasting Self-realisation. Universal in his appeal, Mooji’s wisdom, compassion, openness, and humor profoundly touch the hearts of those who meet him, thereby inspiring each one to find within themselves the deep peace, love, and silence they recognize in him.

His wisdom, guidance, and love are renowned, and his powerful presence is tangible in every encounter, revealing itself in all those who meet him genuinely. He has a remarkable ability to guide those who are earnest into the direct recognition of the Self. His teachings and pointers are known for their accessibility and universal appeal, being beyond judgment and the grip of personal conditioning. He responds to questions from people from every walk of life with uncommon clarity, wisdom, compassion and profound simplicity, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why thousands are discovering and accepting Mooji as a true heart Master.

Visit his website here.




Hridaya Yoga

Our meditation and retreats are often based on Sahajananda’s methods for the Revealing of the Spiritual Heart. 

Sahajananda is an experienced meditation teacher with over 25 years of experience in yoga, Tantra and Advaita Vedanta. 


Through his spiritual practice, he has been blessed with a penetrating insight into the nature of being and existence. As such, he is sharing his experiential and direct spiritual knowledge via highly efficient methods, designed to allow us to transcend our daily existence and bring us closer to the nature of Truth. The Revelation of the Spiritual Heart retreat is one of the most beloved ways to spend time delving into the mystery of one’s Self, in silence, and in the depth of the Spiritual Heart where language and symbols become superfluous.


To view his website, click here.

Ramana Maharishi

Known as one of the greatest living sages of the 20th century, Sri Ramana Mahrishi was a Hindu sage and jivanmukta.  

He was born in what is now TiruchuliTamil NaduIndia. In 1895, an attraction to the sacred hill Arunachala and in 1896, at the age of 16, he had a "death-experience" where he became aware of a "current" or "force" (avesam) which he recognized as his true "I" or "self", and which he later identified with "the personal God, or Iswara," that is, Shiva. This resulted in a state that he later described as "the state of mind of Iswara or the Jnani".  Six weeks later he left his uncle's home in Madurai, and journeyed to the holy mountain Arunachala, in Tiruvannamalai, where he took on the role of a sannyasin (though not formally initiated), and remained for the rest of his life.

He soon attracted devotees who regarded him as an avatar and came to him for darshan ("the sight of God"), and in later years an ashram grew up around him, where visitors received upadesa ("spiritual instruction") by sitting silently in his company asking questions.  Since the 1930s his teachings have been popularized in the West, resulting in his worldwide recognition as an enlightened being.

Ramana Maharshi approved a number of paths and practices but recommended self-inquiry as the principal means to remove ignorance and abide in Self-awareness, together with bhakti (devotion) or surrender to the Self.  These are all practices that we teach and use at the ashram. 


Sri Hansrajji Maharajji also known as Sacha Baba is the excellent and illustrious disciple of Sri Kulanandji Sacha Babaji. He is affectionately known as Maharajji.

Maharajji left his entire life while still caring for his family that was always surrendered with love.

Maharajji was so serious about his devotion to the transformation of consciousness that he had to pass many tests by his master to determine if he was equal to the task. How determined was he to offer his life completely to this mission? He was deeply involved in his sadhana all the way until he left his body in 2011.

He was a powerful, kind-hearted and magnificent beauty. He was a rare being, an unusual heart with a fierce intensity dedicated to the shift of consciousness that we are in the stir of today. He has been in an ethereal and deep meditation (even when he appears to be attending to people), constantly for us all to be uplifted to an awakened state.

Maharajji is the Spiritual Master of Sri Prem Baba & ShantiMayi.  Learn more about him in this documentary.


Jean Klein

Jean Klein (October 19, 1912 – February 22, 1998) was a French author, spiritual teacher, and philosopher of Advaita Vedanta (Nondualism). According to Jean Klein, it is only in a "spontaneous state of interior silence that we can open ourselves to our true nature: the 'I Am' of pure consciousness."



Adyashanti (whose name means “primordial peace”) is an American-born spiritual teacher who has been teaching for more than 20 years. His teachings include evening meetings, weekend intensives, silent retreats, live internet broadcasts, and online courses. He has taught throughout the US and also in Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and Australia. More than 30,000 people in 120 countries are connected to his website through a free email subscription. He is the author of eight books.  Visit his website here.


Maestro Sanango

Sanango is a healer, shaman and spiritual teacher who has a unique and profound understanding of the human soul, the longing for unconditional love and ultimate truth. Through his life and work, he embodies a state of divinity, peace, and compassion.  Visit his website here. 

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