The Seva Program

Also known as The Karma Yoga Program or Volunteer Program. 

Seva or Selfless Service is a sacred practice in many spiritual traditions referred to as Karma Yoga in yogic traditions. Seva/Karma Yoga is one of the four main paths of yoga and is considered the foundation of bringing True Yoga into everyday life.   It is through these practices of selflessly giving that we learn to transcend the ego and put love into action. 

Live in a sacred community in an inspiring off-grid location.  Spend your days surrounded by forest, mountains, wildlife and like-hearted beings.  Immerse yourself in a spiritually oriented lifestyle and deepen into yourself.  

The Seva Team is for those beings who feel a calling to experience yoga, meditation, and off-grid life while working hard and serving the ashram as an active member of the community. 


What's to be expected?

  • 6 hours of service/4 days per week

  • 3 days off per week

  • Rustic Off-Grid location

  • Community Life

  • Community activities twice a week
    (Yoga, Forest Bathing, Philosophy Talks, Movies etc.)

  • Simple Vegan & Vegetarian Meals

  • Silent Mornings

  • Spiritual & Philosophical Conversations 

  • Group Meditations 

  • Intimacy with nature 

  • Working on outdoor projects, rustic carpentry 

  • Accommodations = Camping 

Changes to the Seva Program

We live within the Nisga'a Nation and wish to respect the closure and restrictions they have placed around their community. At this point, we can only host volunteers who have already been self-isolating. While you are traveling you must wear a mask and take every precaution against COVID-19. We have been an isolated community since February 2020 and we trust you to practice extreme caution while you travel here.

While here at the Ashram, you'll also have to follow all of the necessary protocols for our safety during the COVID-19 rules and regulations set forth for us by the government of British Columbia.  When you come to the ashram you will be expected to stay here and not tour the surrounding areas.  There will be one designated community member who will go to town on a bi-weekly basis to get supplies.  They will be able to pick up anything you need.  Please come prepared to stay. 

This year we will be going through an online application process for coming to stay with us.  Priority will be given for those who can commit for the entire season with us, from April 15th to November 1st.


We ask for a donation of $10/day to cover the cost of having you at the ashram.

Time Commitment

There is a minimum commitment of 3 months in this program, and priority will be given to those who can stay for 6 months. Spaces are limited and there is an application process.  People who are willing to make a longer commitment and who have previous work experience or skills will be preferred.  Beings who have a strong personal Sadhana or spiritual practice will also have priority. 

Please before you commit to a set amount of time, recognize that a community will be depending on you and your service.    


Arrival & Departure

There are specific days that you can arrive for this Program.  There is a free shuttle that goes into town on every second Thursday, to pick people up. If you're feeling that you are needing to come or go on a day other than the days specified there will be a $150 CAD pick up/drop off fee.  If you're driving yourself you can arrive and depart on whatever day best works for you.  

Free shuttle dates:
Apr 15 -- Apr 29 -- May 13 -- May 27 -- June 10 -- June 24 -- July 8 -- July 22 -- Aug 5 -- Aug 19 -- Sept 2 -- Sept 16 -- Sept 30 -- Oct 21 -- Nov 1


All Accommodation will be camping. Unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Seva Program Postions 

We have specific roles within the community that need to be filled. Through a thorough application process you will be placed in a particular position.  


There are two categories of positions available. Ones which are having monetary compensation and ones which are for volunteering.  Click on the position you're interested in to see each job description.  After you have filled out an application form, we will contact you. Please keep in mind that you may not get the position which you are requesting but another position may be offered to you. 

Paid Positions:

Assitant General Manager (1)

Aesthetics Team Leader (1)

Carpenter (1)

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Nass Valley, BC, Canada

Anuttara Ashram exists within the Nisga'a Nation

Anuttara is Loving & Inclusive to the LGBTQ+ Community

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