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Mahāśivarātri: Celebrating with Anuttara

As we write this, we are approaching the auspicious night of Maha Shivaratri!

This day, marked by the black moon, signifies the potential for many things. For those following the Hindu Calendar, it marks a New Year. A time for fresh beginnings, new starts, and a time to bring clarity and to realign with our highest intentions.

Mythologically it is believed that this is the day that Parvati and Shiva were married. Through perseverance and dedication to her Sadhana, Parvati was able to dispel her ego and come into complete spiritual Union with her beloved Shiva.

Astrologically there is an upsurge of energy on the earth and it is understood that it can bring us 1000 times the benefits in any spiritual pursuits that we endeavor on, on this day. It is for this reason that many practitioners will set serious Tapas (intelligent austerities) and commit to doing their sadhana throughout the night until the sun rises.

In tantra, the dark moon is associated with Shiva's emptiness. Shiva is understood to represent Ultimate and Supreme Consciousness. Chanting his Mrityunjaya mantra on this day can help us to overcome the fear of death and come into complete union with him. This fear of death can be a fear of the death of the ego, death of our body, or any other fears that grip us as we surrender and dissolve into the Infinite.

Sādhana & Puja

On the evening of Mahāśivarātri (Feb 28, 2022; this will change annually) and throughout the night you can begin to celebrate this auspicious day. This day can be a great time for you to cleanse and reset, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

By joining our Online Sādhana, you will receive a loose schedule to follow including:

  • Early morning cleansing

  • Fasting guidelines to bring you closer to the interior stillness of Shiva Consciousness

  • Home cleansing guideline

  • Puja guidelines

  • Mantra-Japa (Shiva mantra and meditation guidelines)

  • Audio of Artemis & Bhairav chanting the mantra to assist you

  • Bhakti recommendations and Shiva Spotify Playlist

  • Option to submit prayers for Artemis & Bhairav's sacred Yagna Fire Ceremony

  • Invite to community zoom call (talk on Mahāśivarātri, Kirtan, silent group meditation)

Join us by donation in the celebration of the Great Night of Shiva!

Join our Online Community, a great place to ask any questions, speak directly to Artemis & Bhairav, or if you would like to share your altar, journey, and gratitude. Or if you’d simply like to connect with Sangha and reap the benefits of spiritual community during your sadhana and beyond.

Om Namah Shivaya!


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