Personal Growth 

Many people come to the ashram whom are seeking a space where they can bring balance into their lives, nurture their deeper, truer self and cultivate a daily practice that will continue to support and sustain peace and self-awareness outside of the ashram.  

Generally, people come to the ashram to step out of the hectic hustle bustle of every day life into a space of quiet tranquility.  

There are some individuals who come seeking this healing feeling as though they've reached the end of the line and that the ashram is their final chance for healing.  Often these particular individuals come with little support from family, and may have mental illness, addictions or deep traumas.  They may have spent time on the streets or come from lower income familes and are unable to make any payments towards a personal retreat, food, or anything else at the ashram.  

When this happens at the ashram we always figure out a way to provide as much as we can for these individual and this is often made possible through donations.  

If you are interested in making a donation towards supporting an individual like this please click below or email us for further information. 

Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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