Sept. 19 - 22

Join special Guest Qi-Gong Teacher Catherine Roy, from France for 4 days of energetical healing through the ancient sacred science of Qi gong.  Together we will harmonize ourselves while surrounded by Nature and come closer to resting in our inner Nature.

Simple movements and broadened attention enable our body to naturally flow between Earth and Heaven.

Through our experience of approaching our center, the mind opens and the Heart finds peace.

Like a musical instrument being tuned, our self returns to its original resonance of balance, vitality, and clarity.

Catherine Roy 
Facilitator of the 4 day QiGong Retreat

What is qigong?

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises. 

What are the benefits of qigong?

Qigong has, among other benefits, the powerful effect of healing the bodily systems. Qigong benefits the stimulation of energy pathways, called meridians, which balance out and strengthen the modern day stressed-out body.

By stimulating the meridians, your body comes back into alignment and regains its natural ability to heal efficiently. This allows the body to overcome certain prevailing alignments that could not be overcome in the previous state of misalignment or stress.

Who is Catherine?

Catherine Roy is both a musician and a practitioner of energetic healing.

She has been trained and certified in internal energetical arts and Chinese medicine through with SiFu Kar Fung Wu in Paris and Studied with Master Tian Li Yang in China, Wudangshan. She teaches piano and music linked with energetics


What does this retreat involve?

Grounding practices

Different peaceful breathing techniques

Meditative walks

Healing sounds


3 delicious vegan/vegetarian meals per day



Starting at $300 



Contact us

Nass Valley, BC, Canada


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