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Join the Team 

 Joining our team is an opportunity to be a part of a loving community and to be of service to something greater than ourselves.  Ashram life teaches the blossoming of the individual into greater wholeness and connectivity.  Doing work that is of service to an ashram brings a deeper fulfillment as we know that everything we do is done as an act of selflessness. 



General Manager

Resident Position

The general manager is expected to improve efficiency and maintain professionalism while managing the overall operations of Anuttara Ashram.  The General Manager plays a key role in the success of the season and this is closely tied to the strength of their ability to manage and communicate with the team.  At Anuttara, the General Manager Position is unique as we are not only looking to hire someone who is strong in managerial skills but who also holds similar ideals, ethics, and interests as Anuttara.


Bookings Manager

Work from Home

The Bookings Manager is an individual with a lot of drive and motivation. They have a desire to take initiative and find innovative ways to increase the bookings at Anuttara.  Throughout the job they will be responsible for communicating with potential guests and confirming bookings.  They will be in direct communication with the team at Anuttara and ensure that the Guest’s arrival is as smooth as possible.  They will distribute and manage the listings on Airbnb, Vrbo, Book Retreats and other rental platforms.  They are encouraged to find new ways to improve bookings and may be responsible for helping to implement their new ideas.


Hospitality Manager

Resident Position

The Hospitality Manager will be in charge of establishing cleaning and organization systems throughout the ashram, greeting guests, giving tours, orientation, and paperwork, and organizing the sevaka-s and creating cleaning schedules for the Ashram.  There are currently no formal systems for these duties and the General Manager and Hospitality Manager will need to work together to create and implement efficient, professional, and productive systems.

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