Meditating in Nature

Silence with Self

a  heart-opening online yoga & meditation retreat

September 18 - 20, 2020


This retreat is an opportunity to turn towards what is most important and dissolve the mind into the vibrance of the heart. Rest, relax, and reset. Through live guided heart-centered yoga classes, self-inquiry meditations, Kirtan, self-reflection, restorative yoga, Spiritual Philosophy Classes and Q&As with our experienced Staff. 


This retreat will be held in the comfort of your own home.  All events will be live online, and they will also be recorded for you to watch at your leisure.  You will have unlimited access to the recordings which means you can take the retreat again and again! 

“Nothing in existence can overcome you

when you know who you truly are.

This discovery begins unfolding

as your mind enters your heart."



Live Sessions:
September 18 - 20, 2020
All times in Pacific Standard Time
On-Demand Recordings also available 

Friday September 18th:

Intro + Meditation        

Saturday September 19th:

Yoga/Asana &    




Restorative Yoga



Sunday September 20th:



Question Period    

Spontaneous Sharing   

Closing Meditation



8 - 930 AM

11 - 12:30 PM

1 - 2 PM

6 - 7 PM

7 - 8 PM

6 PM - 7 PM

8 - 930 AM


11 - 12 PM

1 - 2 PM

6 - 730 PM


  • 2 Hatha Yoga Classes 

  • 6 Guided Meditations

  • 1 Restorative Yoga Class

  • 1 Kirtan

  • 2 Pre- Recorded Lectures to Support your Process

  • Pre-Recorded Meditation Tips

  • Q&A with Artemis & Bhairav 

​All events will be live on zoom & recorded. You will have unlimited access to the recordings. 


What style of meditation will be taught? 

We will offer a variety of meditations, all will be centred on the Heart. Some will be self-inquiry meditations, inspired by Moojibaba & Ramana Maharishi. Some meditations will be inspired by the Tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. 

What style of Yoga? 

Gentle Hatha Yoga & Restorative Yoga. 

I can't make it to every live event, is that okay? 

Yes! All events will be recorded for you to watch again at your leisure. You do not need to take the whole retreat all in this one weekend. 

How can I create a retreat space at home?

We will send you a detailed information package about how to step into retreat in your own home. Some of our suggestions include: create a meal plan before the retreat, informing your roommates you will be in silence, create a sacred space to practice during the retreat. 

Do I have to practice silence?

Nope! But we encourage you to step into silence as much as you can. 

Can you explain the pricing? 

We've decided to offer this retreat at a few different prices, to make it accessible to folks of varying self-assessed financial wealth.  We encourage you to select the price that feels right and sustainable for you


Bhairav, also known as Thomas, is the founder of Anuttara Ashram and co-founder of Anuttara Yoga. He has been studying and practicing spirituality and yoga for over 20 years. Since 2002 he has been teaching in India, Thailand, and Canada. He is a student of Guruji Rajkumar Baswar and his traditional tantric practice is inspiring. 

His knowledge and love of spirituality radiates throughout the room and helps each of his students to expand in the areas that they personally need.

Bhairav is incredibly easy to talk to and approachable. He happily answers those large philosophical questions that might have otherwise gone unanswered.

Artemis is the co-founder of Anuttara Yoga. Artemis has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over a decade. She has been initiated by both Guruji Raj Kumar & Sri Prem Baba.  In 2014, she personally met and received Darshan from Sri Mooji Baba.  His teachings have reverberated into her being ever since and she considers him to be one of her main teachers.  She has also studied with Eric Baret, Ellen Emmet & Rupert Spira. She is a registered Forest Therapy Guide and was initiated as a guide in Ceremonial Cacao in the traditional Guatemalan rite.

Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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Anuttara is Loving, Accepting & Inclusive to the LGBTQ+ Community