The Awakening Body

A Kashmir Shaivist Approach

with Ellen Emmet

A 5-day Retreat - October...

Many of us have an understanding or a deep intuition that the ordinary "I" that is present now and reading these words, does not refer to a separate and individual person, but rather to an open invisible Presence, or Awareness free of the limits and objective qualities that we usually identify with. Yet in everyday life, we continue to believe and feel ourselves to be a separate individual.

These meetings are an invitation to inquire openly and deeply into our direct experience and to allow it to reveal its essential reality of Awareness. Our particular focus is the body, allowing it to be our mirror and our pathway, our prayer and our altar, and ultimately the shining expression of this shared identity.

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About the Retreat

Join Ellen in an exploration of our essential nature, bringing a gentle focus on our felt and tactile experience in the tradition of non-duality and Kashmir Shaivism.  This ancient approach is an invitation to simply welcome and experience our body as it truly is in the moment: a flow of sensation, energy, and vibration arising out of and unfolding within the open field of Awareness.

Using guided meditation, simple postures and asanas, free movements, breathing exploration, and tactile visualizations, we will re-establish our true identity as ever-present and unlocated Awareness. We will reawaken the body's organic and natural resonance with this Awareness as its source and substance.

In this contemplation, resistances, and chains of bodily contractions, the habits that create the illusion that our identity is limited, located and separate are allowed to surface and to be revealed for what they are; feelings and sensations that come and go in Awareness. 

Gently and effortlessly, the body is slowly realigned with our understanding. We come to feel that our true identity is an open field of tactile openness, limitless, vibrating and ever-present. The body flows as a living substance with more and more ease and transparency and reflects and expresses the ever-present freedom and silence that is its invisible source.

The weekend will be punctuated by moments of conversation in the form of questions and answers. There will be also be free periods for rest, walks, solitude and sharing.

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About Ellen Emmet

Ellen’s deepest intuition was confirmed when she met her teacher, Francis Lucille.  In his presence, she recognized the eternal, limitless and universal nature of our shared reality.  Over many years, her understanding deepened to touch all levels of experience.  The process of aligning and stabilizing all aspects of her life to this understanding has continued to unfold since then.

As a child, Ellen loved to move and dance. She knew without words the joy and limitless transparency that the body dissolved into when it was free and alive.

As an adolescent and young adult, she acutely felt and enacted suffering through her body.

Thus, the experience that we call the body has always been central to all of Ellen’s experiences, both in the ignoring and in the recognition of our true nature.

Today, Ellen offers meetings and retreats in The Awakening Body, sharing a direct exploration of reality sourced in the tradition of Kashmir Shivaism and self-inquiry as transmitted through Francis Lucille and his lineage.  

In addition, she has a private practice as a Psychotherapist and facilitator of Authentic Movement. Her background in Dance-Movement Therapy and Transpersonal Psychology is shaped by the non-dual understanding.

Ellen lives in Oxford with her husband Rupert Spira, also a teacher in the tradition of non-duality.

 Master Degrees in Dance Movement Therapy (New York University) and Transpersonal Psychology (John F. Kennedy University, CA). Certificate in Laban Movement Analyst