Our Community is growing!

There is so much love for Anuttara Ashram.  We have had visitors from across the world come to visit us and provided the space for many to retreat into stillness and find a home away from home.  As our popularity increases and our decision to accept everyone remains, we started to outgrow our current community space.  We are currently sharing our  family sized kitchen (12 x 20) with hundreds of people and are increasingly seeing the demand for a larger space. 

We are building a large 2500 sq. ft. home to welcome our guests, yogis, teachers and permanent community members. Our new building will have all the facilities needed in a community space and all natural materials. 


Our posts and beams from timbers cut from our own property are up! The roof is on! Almost all windows and doors are hung, which were all recycled from local buildings.  We put all of the straw bales in place and now started to put the wood chip/clay slip wall fill covered with lime. We still need to finish the walls, lay the floor, install the plumbing, and electricity, and of course the bathroom and kitchen will take some work.

Our project has been funded so far with any income we've made towards this building for the last 2 years and donations.  We are reaching out to you to help us complete building this sacred space. If each one of our friends would now give back to the cause by donating even just a few dollars, we could easily accomplish our project and together make this happen! Can you believe that if 500 friends would donate only $20, we would receive $10,000 many hands make light work! We invite you to join us in our campaign Support Yoga for Healing.

Imagine a place set in the mountains of the Nass Valley in Northern BC Canada, where you could go and share a meal in a warm welcoming space with smiling friends and family.  With your help we can make this dream a reality.  Whatever you can spare will help go towards a space for all to share! 

Presently, we are at the stage of where the roof is on, the used windows are hung, and some of the strawbales are in

place already, but there is still much to do, and lots more materials to purchase for completion.

Here is a breakdown of the costs for this final stage of the project:

flooring $2500

plumbing $2000

insulation for floors, and roof $1250

bathroom facilities $1500

kitchen appliances $2300

electrical $2500 

bolts, nails, etc. $2000

misc $950




Be part of our project and join us! Help us in this endeavor--- 

donate whatever you can, any amount counts! 

You can donate through the link or email us directly if you have any questions. 

Thank you!

Nass Valley, BC, Canada


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