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What Graduates Say:

"A transformational experience."


Rooted in the teachings of Non-Dual Tantra and Bhakti Yoga 

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Community over Competition

At Anuttara, we organize our collective in a non-hierarhical framework. We understand students are also teachers, just as teachers are also students. Wisdom flows both directions. When we are sharing as a collective and empowering each other, rather than suppressing each other out of completion or envy, we become an incredibly strong web that can support us when we fall as well as lift us up higher than we could ever go alone. This is one small way we commit to cultivating  a decolonized future. 

Yoga Teacher Training


Our intention in offering all of our Yoga Teacher Trainings is to create a framework for students to discover and become familiar with their natural being. With the blessings of the Shivoham Tantra lineage. We offer non-goal oriented, body affirming, meditative yoga in a variety of styles (vinyasa, restorative, Hatha, Tantra-Kundalini ect). Our school and trainings place a love of truth at the center of all we offer.   


We believe authentic Yoga is accessible to all beings, regardless of gender, sex, race, class, size, ability, or any other characteristic. We strive to make our programs trauma-sensitive, inviting, & inclusive to all.   

We offer scholarships to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, folks with disabilities, folks who are financially disadvantaged, and other folks who are underrepresented in the Yoga world. 

All are welcome

We always hope to connect with students who are earnestly seeking to know themselves and to deepen their practice. We welcome beginners and advanced practitioners alike. We are not interested in creating cookie-cutter teachers but in helping you connect with your own heart. Whether you intend to teach or to simply deepen into your own practice, you are welcome here.

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Not sure if this is for you?

Let's talk about it! Set up a private zoom call with one of our facilitators to feel out if this retreat or our trainings are right for you. Schedule a time that suits you below. 

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