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"Yoga is not just about asana. The physical practice is a gateway for many people to find deeper meaning in their life.  We honour the practice of asana while also opening our students up to Yoga beyond the mat. Anuttara is for those who are craving something deeper and more authentic."
-Artemis Emily Doyle
Co-founder and Facilitator of Anuttara Yoga

BC, Canada

OR Costa Rica

Yoga Alliance Certified

Group Size:

No More than 20


Anuttara Yoga?

Professional and experienced facilitators

Learn spiritual psychology

Trainings are done in harmony with nature

Honours Yogic Tradition (while preparing you to teach in a modern world)

Students graduate ready to teach

Study in a light-hearted and humorous atmosphere

Discover Yoga through music & dance

Freedom to find your Yoga (not somebody else's)