Nass Valley, BC

Group Size: 20 Max

August 29 - September 12

This course is a gathering of women identified beings immersing themselves in nature and uniting in the harmonious listening to the fluid connection that our bodies have with the moon and the wisdom which innately permeates our bodies.  

This is a deeply transformative journey for facing our own shadows, deconditioning shame and gender ideas, approaching relationships consciously, and learning to collaborate in a community.

Together we will balance our Yang (Masculine) and Yin (Feminine) Energies, learn to align with our own personal moon wisdom, cultivate inclusive community, embody our Individual Gifts and Wholeness, Celebrate and learn to harmonize with our Moon Cycle, build our self- confidence and emerge as powerfully embodied Feminine Leaders.

What will we learn?

Learn to host your own Women's Circles & Gatherings

Moon Yoga 

Moon cycles

Sacred Sexuality

Herbs for Women

Sacred Moon Time Rituals

Goddess Archetypes

Divine Embodiment

Decondition Gender Ideas

Chart Your Cycle

Cultivate Your Energy

Self-Care Rituals

Heal PMS Naturally

Tantric Fire Ceremony

Mantra Use
Matriarchal Leadership

What will we do?

Ancestral Healing
Cacao Ceremonies

Fire Ceremonies

Forest Therapy work

PsychoSpiritual Workshops

Share Circles

Goddess Archetypes


Moving Meditation

Herb Use
Mandala Making

Self-Love Practices

Embrace our Inner Wild Woman



Artemis has been studying and teaching Yoga & Meditation for over 10 years. She is a certified Thai Masseuse, Yoga Teacher, Forest Therapy Guide, and Neurological Linguistic Practitioner.  Artemis has studied Herbology, Psychology, & Ayurveda.  She has studied Tantra with Guruji Raj Kumar for the last 5 years and is studying Somatic Therapy with Peter Levine.


Alisha has been immersed in yoga & sacred feminine practices since 2010. She is a certified yoga teacher and Mystical Dance Teacher.  She has studied Shri Vidya under the guidance of Nita Rubio and shivoham tantra with Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar.  Since 2013, Alisha has been studying "The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power" under the guidance of Vajra Ma and Nita Rubio.


Tara is a yoga & meditation teacher and Thai Masseuse.  Tara is studying to become a dance therapist under the guidance of the brilliant Pio Campo.  Tara has been studying Tantra and participating in authentic Tantric practices through the Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar's Shivoham Tantra Lineage since 2015.  Tara has also studied spiritual psychotherapy with Sri Prem Baba.


Liv is an Ekajati Yoga & Reiki Teacher.  She is also a children's yoga teacher and has been studying Shivoham Tantra for the last two years.  Liv is an earth activist and certified permaculturalist under the guidance of Starhawk.  Liv studies and works with food as a sacred practise and healing modality.  

Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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