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The Anuttara community is always evolving. We love making new friends! On this page are our consistent and/or permanent community members who are foundational to the ashram and the school.

The Faculty

The Faculty

Meet the creators, lead facilitators and teachers behind Anuttara's programs.

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Founder of Anuttara Ashram
Co-Creator of Anuttara Yoga

Bhairav is the founder of Anuttara Ashram and a co-creator within the Anuttara Turyatita School. He co-created the Anuttara Teacher Trainings and courses along side his partner Artemis. He is a lead facilitator in the Anuttara Teacher Trainings, co-authour of the Power of Tantra Meditation, the co-host of the Tantra & Yoga Podcast, and an empowered teacher within the Shivoham Lineage.  


He moved to India in 1998 and has been studying and practicing Yoga and Tantra for over 20 years. First, under the direct guidance of his first teacher in India, and later in 2009, he met Guruji Maharaj of the right-handed Shivoham Tantra Tradition. In 2018, Bhairav completed a 6-year initiation with Guruji Maharaj. The completion of this intense Sadhana empowered him as a Guru and lineage holder in the Shivoham Lineage. 


Bhairav is not a scholar but a practitioner with deep and authentic experiences with many masters and yogis throughout the East. He has been empowered by Guruji Maharaj to initiate all who are interested into the power of Mantra Meditation. To be in the presence of a yoga teacher of his stature is not an everyday event. Bhairav is incredibly easy to talk to and approachable. He happily answers those large philosophical questions that might have otherwise gone unanswered.



Founder of Anuttara's Turyatita  School
Co-Creator of Anuttara Yoga

Artemis is the founder of Anuttara’s Turyatita School, and co-founder of Anuttara Ashram. She initiated and co-created the Anuttara Teacher Trainings and courses along side her partner Bhairav. She is a lead facilitator in the Anuttara school, co-author of the Power of Tantra Meditation, the co-host of the Tantra & Yoga Podcast, and an empowered teacher within the Shivoham Tantra lineage. 


Artemis has been studying yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices since 2008.  In 2014, she met and received Darshan from her two main teachers Sri Mooji Baba and Guruji Maharaj in India. Artemis has been leading Shivoham tantrik festivals and sadhana with the blessing of Guruji Maharaj alongside her partner Bhairav since 2015. She has been initiated in a rare tantrik sadhana in tantrik moon time practices and has been empowered to share sacred rituals and ceremonies for Chandalini.  


Artemis also draws a lot of strength and wisdom from her teachers in the Kashmir Shaivist tradition through Eric Baret, Ellen Emmet, and Rupert Spira. She is a registered forest therapy guide and was initiated as a healer in ceremonial cacao in the traditional Mayan rite. Artemis has a deep connection with Bhakti Yoga and a powerful ability to guide others in deep meditation through kirtan. Artemis shines when singing and guiding kirtan.  She sets souls on fire, as she conveys her genuine connection with Spirit through song.

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Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Lead Facilitator
Educational Administrator

Ishvari (she/her) seeks to bridge the gap between play and practice. Ishvari is an Anuttara Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Nosco Yin Yoga Teacher & trauma-informed children's yoga teacher. She co-facilitates Anuttara's 200-hour teacher trainings and is also the friendly face behind the admin at the Anuttara School. 


Yoga became a part of Ishvari's life while she was studying Philosophy and Eastern Religions at university. She quickly realized the practice was far more fulfilling than the theory, so she traveled to India to dive in. She has spent the past 10 years being humbled and inspired by the ever-deepening practice of Yoga and meditation.  


Ishvari views Yoga, Meditation, and all of her offerings as ways to come home to the heart. Ishvari is a student and practitioner of Traditional Tantra in the Shivoham lineage. She is currently studying Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her Christian upbringing filled her with a love of music that has translated to sharing kirtan with tremendous joy. Ishvari is interested in anti-oppression as a lifestyle and is curious about the intersection of self-empowerment and spirituality as a liberatory practice. Ishvari has an expansive and all-encompassing heart. She unabashedly embraces all beings with her sweet and tender presence. 

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TARA NENDZIG (she/they)

Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Facilitator

Tara is an Anuttara Yoga & Meditation Facilitator and Practitioner of Devotional Dance. She teaches dance as a devotional practice and centers her sharings around the Spiritual Heart and Self-Discovery. Tara has been practicing Traditional Tantra in the lineage of Guruji Raj Kumar for 6 years and continues immersing herself in Tantric Studies. She has been studying spiritual psychotherapy and is training in Occupational and Dance Therapy. Tara is a truly inspiring and devoted teacher. Her heart overflows with a deep love that is joyously contagious to those around her. 



Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Facilitator

Chokyi, also known as Sunny, is a fiercely compassionate practitioner and teacher. Chokyi has spent the last 7 years studying with masters from various Tantric and Buddhist traditions. She is an Anuttara Yoga & Meditation Teacher and a Satyaloka Yogini Tantrika teacher. Chokyi has spent years serving and managing projects in the Anuttara community. She is a student of Pema Khandro Rinpoche of the Ngakpa tradition of Buddhist Yogis and was given refuge name Pema Chokyi Palmo 2 years ago. Chokyi holds an undergraduate degree in Counselling (Edith Cowan University) and is a trained volunteer in crisis intervention. Chokyi is a dedicated and deeply kind teacher. She inspires her students with her humility, devotion, and grace.

The Team

The Team

Meet the incredible and selfless group of humans that make Anuttara possible. 


KAYLA MILLER (she/her)

Marketing Manager/Assistant Facilitator

Kayla has been exploring different paths of spirituality with a curious mind and open heart since 2016 and felt a strong call to visit Anuttara as a karma yogi in 2019. Resonating deeply with the land, ashram & school, Kayla has been studying with Anuttara and the Shivohman Lineage ever since.

Her practice and lifestyle are largely influenced by the paths of Non-dual Tantrā and Advaita Vedanta as well as the teachings of Guruji Raj Kumar, David Frawley, nature, Mooji, Thich Nhat Hanh, Rupert Spira, and Julia Cameron.

As an artist with a background in Art History and Expressive Arts healing, Kayla is most in her element when painting, dancing, singing, etc. as means of devotion. She will often incorporate elements of art such as tarot & oracle cards, stories/myth/symbolism, music, and poetry into her yoga classes.



Kitchen Manager

Rainer has been a part of the Anuttara community since 2016. She first began her journey here at the Ashram as a Karma yogi, working with lime and clay, making cobb throughout the rainy and muddy fall months. After weeks of waking up for 6 am practice, doing selfless service during the day, and winding down the nights with kirtan or personal time, an undeniable feeling began to arise within her. The only way to describe this feeling was a deep opening within the heart. It was through this heart-opening that led her back to the Ashram again and again. Falling in love with the Sangha, the land, and finding a deep sense of rest and peace within herself.


Today at the Ashram, you can find Rainer puttering around in the kitchen, harvesting or tending to the gardens, or perhaps hear the echoes of her playing harmonium across the valley. Wherever she goes, she always finds herself in the kitchen. For her, one of the greatest joys of life is cooking for others to provide delicious and nourishing food for everybody. This is what brings her closest to Spirit.


Rainer completed the Community Herbalist Program with Pacific Rim College in 2021 and continues to develop her relationship with plants through herbal medicine making and guided medicinal plant walks. Alongside this, she has a deep interest in Ayurveda, especially Ayurvedic cooking which she continuously practices and studies.

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Shaluva grew up in Vancouver, B.C. He got into meditation in 2010 after reading the inspiring story of the Buddha and his life.  He found himself touched and wanted to know the true meaning of the words peace, bliss, truth, nirvana, moksha, so he resolved to meditate every day. 

Until 2012, he mainly practiced in the Zen Buddhist tradition, and through that, he gained the seed of insight. That year he visited the ashram for the first time. Nothing felt more important to him than growing and developing spiritually and as a human being so the Ashram felt like the perfect place to be.  Loving the space, nature, the community, time flies by so quickly at Anuttara Ashram and he has now been a semi-permanent resident at Anuttara for the last 8 years.
Shaluva is a good and hard-working individual with a heart of gold.  His determination inspires those around him to continue their practice and keep seeking higher truths.  Shaluva's kind, generous and goofy spirit make him a delight o share community with. 

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KAYLA "JI" GOMES (she/her)

Assistant Cook

Kayla first joined the Anuttara community in April of 2021, where she took on the nickname “Kayla Ji”. With an open mind, she surrendered to the teachings of Traditional Tantra and began practicing in the Shivoham lineage of Guruji Raj Kumar. She enjoys learning about different spiritual teachings from other members of the community as she explores and deepens in her own path. She incorporates yoga into her daily life through selfless service, asana, kirtan, and reading as many books on spirituality as she can. Kayla Ji is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and part of the Ashram’s Seva team as an assistant cook. Through the combination of Sangha, daily practice, and the nature of living off-grid, her heart continues to open. Although this is only Kayla Ji's first season with Anuttara, her integration into the community felt seamless and her quirky humor reminds us not to take life too seriously. 



Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Bhavani (Britt) is ever-more in awe of the simple divinity of everyday life. At the beginning, she was born to her mother of English, Irish and Scottish ancestry and father of Jamaican roots in Oshawa, Ontario, Anishinaabe territory. Her family in both its complexity and warm embrace has given her the opportunity, health, and love to pursue whatever she wants in this life. 

She spent some years exploring different cultures in Central and North American, investigating different ways of seeing and always seeking to connect with people, communities, and the Divine. Now, she has come to find a spiritual family in the Anuttara Sangha (community) and resides in Terrace, British Columbia, Ts'msyen Territory. She has found immense learning through her work as a Youth Worker for the community of Kitsumkalum and cherishes every sweet guidance that comes through daily life. 

Bhavani has training in First Aid, Suicide Intervention, and Principles of Collective Trauma Healing (30hr online) with Thomas Hübl and graduated from Anuttara's Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training in 2021. She loves learning how to fix stuff, biking, and sitting in nature.

The spiritual path is unfolding through guidance from many beings, but in naming a few who have deeply touched Bhavani on her path she identifies Mooji Baba, Bhairav Thomas English, Artemis Emily Doyle, Guruji Raj Kumar, and (largely) the Anuttara Sangha! 



Apprentice Facilitator

Hello and a big joyful welcome to this unique opportunity to study authentic non-dual tantra yoga, as well as toexplore yourself and the universe!

My name is Marlene, living (and identifying) in this female body in Germany. My path led to the Ashram in 2018 and what can I say - I got hooked. My love for Truth was elicited and I had the fortune to be part of the YMTT 2019 in India. Since then my life is dedicated to being the best expression of what I know to be true. I am especially drawn to self-inquiry and the teachings of Adyashanti. 

I am not only a lover of Truth but also deeply in love with this miraculous life. There is nothing more beautiful for me than to facilitate the connection to ourselves and life. I am deeply caring for this precious earth and it breaks my heart over and over again how we treat her and each other. I believe that everybody brings their unique gift to life- and Yoga (on and off the mat) can be authentic, an integral path to embodying this.

I am looking forward to being on this journey with you. May we remember together that we are already what we are looking for!

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