Thomas is a wacky, funloving, and rather humouristic yogi.  Seemingly skilled in more than just yoga and meditation, Thomas is known on any random day to be teaching yoga, philosophy, building, working on the solar panels, and or any other odd job that involves getting dirty.  Thomas has been working steadily, persistently, and vigilantly to create a space of peacefulness and solitude for the awakening of love in it's most practical form, in the act of giving. 

He has himself been practising Yoga and Tantra since 1999. In 2009, he met Guruji Raj Kumar of the right-handed path of traditional tantra of India.  It was then that he was initiated into the Shivoham Tantra lineage.  That same year he also met with Prembaba of Brazil, under the Saccha Lineage located in Rishikesh India.


Thomas has based his study and practise of tantra yoga on an understanding of the depths of meditation, which has led him into many solitary retreats of up to 3 months into yoga practises and Buddhist meditation.  Since 2002 he has been teaching in, India, Thailand, and Canada.  

Yoga Classes with Thomas are traditional and direct.  His strong practice holds and supports the classroom guiding us to direct experiences of our chakras and kundalini. In his Yogic Philosophy classes one feels the magnitude of his knowledge and the information is delivered in a fun and comfortable environment that makes it easy to absorb.  Thomas' sense of humour makes it easy to be at the ashram and is a constant reminder to not take life or your spiritual practice too seriously.

To be in the presence of a yoga teacher of his stature is not an everyday event and one finds themselves trying to soak up as much of his wisdom as possible.  Thomas is incredibly easy to talk to, making it easy to ask him any of those large philosophical questions that might have otherwise gone unanswered.




Artemis was first introduced to meditation by a Buddhist Nun when she was around the age of 8.  Through the interpretation of a child, Artemis practised meditation by staring at a collage of photos she had ripped out of a National Geographic (her alter) for a few minutes each evening before doing her evening prayers and going to bed.  In 2008, Artemis found a book on Yoga and began to teach herself Asana.  Before ever taking a formal Yoga Class Artemis started teaching in 2010.  In 2013, she was formally certified.  

As it seems to be synonymous with life at the ashram, Artemis wears many hats while serving here, she can be found building, landscaping, cooking, &/or gardening on any given day.  However, Artemis spends most of her time working online and doing administrative tasks.

It's not difficult to get Artemis involved in a philosophical discussion about Non-Duality.  Her love for Advaita extends to Vedanta, Tantra, Taoism, Bhakti Yoga, Spiritual Ecology & Beyond.  She has been initiated by both Guruji Raj Kumar & Sri Prem Baba.  In 2014, she personally met and received Darshan from Sri Mooji Baba.  His teachings have reverberated into her being ever since and she considers him to be one of her main teachers.  Artemis has also studied with Eric Baret.

Aarti has a deep connection with Bhakti Yoga and if you really want to see her fully embody the divine, go to kirtan with Artemis. Nowhere does Artemis shine as brightly as when she allows the sacred sounds to move through her.  Artemis sets souls on fire, as she conveys her genuine connection with the Spirit through song.   To listen and watch her play the harmonium makes you feel closer to god.  Grace, beauty, agility and humility is what I think of when I think of her. 

(Thank you to all of the beautiful beings who gave their kind words and took part in writing this)




 Sunny was born in Australia, but has been living in Canada for almost 4 years now. Since the age of 18, Sunny has been a keen traveller of the world.  She began seeking out adventure, new experiences and alternative lifestyles in response to a deeper yearning to discover what it means to live a truly meaningful and authentic life. 

What kicked off this existential search was really being lost after years of self destructive behaviour and negative thinking.  How to be truly happy? The answer was to be found in making  an extremely scary and radical life change.  The wild mountains were calling. At the age of 20 she got a one way ticket to Canada,  with no real plans or destination  in mind, but hopeful that the courage which allowed her to step on the plane in the first place, would guide her through uncertainty that lie before her. 

It was undeniable when she first arrived at Anuttara in 2015 , that she had found a true refuge.  A place that allowed her to explore the incredibly beautiful world of meditation, yoga and wholesome living.  Over the years Sunny has been involved in the Ashram in a number of ways, from garden manager and clea to retreat organizer.  She says that one of the most  profound retreats she participated in at the ashram  was the Silent Winter retreat....“In that space of solitude, silence and stillness, I felt a great love and intimacy with life that I had never experienced before”. 

In 2017 & 2018 Sunny travelled to India with Anuttara, completing a course with Sri Prem Baba and taking part in a Tantric Yoga Training with Guruji Raj Kumar.  Sunny completed the  Anuttara Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. Most recently she has studied with Hala Khouri  in Trauma informed yoga, completed a  Mindful Caregiving course with the San Francisco Zen Hospice Project and is  a student in the Tibetan Buddhist Yogi tradition. 

She loves walks in the rain, eating burritos and taking naps in the sun. 


General Manager / Yoga Program Coordinator

Tara was born in the middle of Germany, where she early felt the need to find out more about who she is, why she is suffering and what's her deeper life purpose on this earth. She started to feel god within but was craving for the tools and ways to connect with this energy.

As she doesn't believe in coincidence she was finally guided to the ashram to find answers to all her questions. She came to the ashram for the first time in 2015 where she took part in the Karma Yoga program and her whole world started to change. She started to realize what her soul really wants and needs. In the next year, she traveled to India with Aarti and Nirav and met her teacher, Sri Prem Baba. One more stay at Anuttara Ashram and one more month in India until she finally decided to stay at the place that always felt like her home where she wants to dedicate her life to her path to happiness and union.

She decided to leave university behind and is looking forward to a life in harmony with her soul's purpose.

She will be taking the Anuttara Yoga Teacher Training and has planned to do a Dancing Therapist teacher training to learn how to heal with one of her passions.

She loves dancing, chanting, going deep into her yoga and meditation practice, being in nature and feeling the earth, caring for all kinds of animals and plants, connecting with people and being surrounded by a loving community. She wants to learn new things every day and give all her energy to the things and the projects she loves, create self-responsibility and come back to a purer and nature connected life. 


House Manager

Om grew up in Vancouver, B.C., born and raised. He got into meditation in 2010 after reading the inspiring story of the Buddha and his life and the short writing of various masters ancient and modern.  He found himself touched and wanted to know the true meaning of the word peace, bliss, truth, nirvana, moksha, so he resolved to meditate everyday since that time. 

Through practice and experience, he began to see limitations in meditating alone and sought out different teachers and communities for spiritual guidance. Om found a few that felt “right” in Vancouver and felt especially comfortable in the Zen communities.  Until 2012, he mainly practiced in the Zen Buddhist tradition and through that he gained the seed of insight.  After meditating for a brief period in those traditions He came across the great and profound words of different Masters/Saints representing different traditions, especially Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Rama Krishna and Ram Dass and he became very interested in all the different kinds of Yoga practices and Tantric practices, feeling a heart connection to these beings, he found them to be a constant source of inspiration and reminder as to the reason we are all here.

With interest and sincere seeking, he met a kind and friendly backpacker from New Zealand who told him about Anuttara Ashram; sharing interests in spiritual practice and meditation he followed the advice of his Kiwi friend.  About 8 months later, he went to Anuttara Ashram and discovered a totally different tradition and lifestyle.  Nothing felt more important to him than growing and developing spiritually and as a human being so the Ashram felt like the perfect place to be.  Loving the space, the nature, the community, time flies by so quickly at Anuttara Ashram and he has now been a semi-permanent resident at Anuttara for the last 4 years.
Om is a good and hard-working individual with a heart of gold.  His determination inspires those around him to continue their practise and keep seeking higher truths.  Om often does some of the more physical work at Anuttara; including such things as, digging trenches, splitting wood and mowing the lawn.  However, Om is also an excellent baker and will often treat his fellow ashramites to some delicious fresh bread or sweets.  You can typically find Om talking in goofy voices and makes jokes with fellow community members in the kitchen. 


Sevaka King

Ellie is a certified Yoga & Meditation teacher through Anuttara Yoga.  He met Guruji Raj Kumar in 2018 and went through an intensive 45 day training with Guruji in Nagpur India. 

Ellie has a lust for life that is unmatched by most other beings.  He is a sun worshipper and like any true sun worshipper he radiates an enthusiastic light that can brighten up any room.  He is an acrobat and loves to play through movement, you can often find Ellie doing acro-yoga, handstands or any other general lighthearted silliness.  He is very open hearted and an excellent listener.  Ellie is a kind and sensitive soul who has a passion for Tantra as well as Kashmir Shaivism.  

Despite his body being so young his heart is incredibly wise.  He has travelled a lot of the world and developed an earnestness to understand Truth.  Ellie is rooted in a deep inner knowing that is generally a 'not-knowing' and it is here wherein his wisdom lies.  

Ellie Rullier

Land Manager / Volunteer Program Coordinator

Madeline has been a wild child since she came out of the womb. Convincing her mother to move out of the city to a farm when she was 6 years old, she spent a lot of alone time in the forest or over at the farm near by with the horses. Nature and the animals were her teachers from the get go. She went to a Waldorf school which allowed her imagination and “weird” nature to blossom in a supportive environment. A highlight was playing Alice in Alice in Wonderland and going on a wilderness canoe trip which she felt brought her closer to her class mates than ever before.


Things really took off when she decided to ditch what everyone else said was the way, and follow her wild heart. This lead to years of wilderness adventure, spending months in caves in Utah going through her own primal therapy which involved a lot of crying and yelling as well as moments of deep sacredness and connection. She has adventured down abandoned canyons in New Mexico, walked the Superior Hiking Trail, sang on the streets for money all over Canada, USA, and Mexico, and has spent a great amount of time in silence and in meditation retreat. Her spontaneous inner guidance has been backed up my rigorous trainings, such as certifying as a yoga instructor with the Sivananda Yoga School, participating in three 10-day Vipassana retreats, as well as a month long silent retreat at the Arrow River Hermitage in Thunder Bay, Canada. 


Upon finding Anuttara in 2018, she realized she could find all the things she once did alone, in a community. This has greatly nurtured her heart and inspiration as a movement practice teacher, singer/songwriter, and friend in ways that she never could have realized alone. At the Ashram, you will find her talking to the plants and the wild animals (including her adored bears!), wandering around the forests, singing late into the night, and getting uncontrollable fits of laughter. She also loves meeting in raw, vulnerable, communication and will eye gaze with you any day. This season she will be the wizard woman in the kitchen, doing her best to nourish everyone’s bodies as they dive deep into life, uncovering the love that she feels is the true essence of our nature. 

Madeline Robertson

Kitchen Goddess

Part peaceful yogi, part soul-food kitchen mama; Liv feels most in the zone when creating. Whether it’s music, a poem, a yoga class or a pie, creating it can be a sacred art. Liv and Anuttara are a match made in heaven! The echoing valley and growing green cedars fill her heart right to the top, Anuttara fulfilled her long-time dream of full-time forest dwelling.

Originally from Toronto she is only a recently converted city girl. How did she end up at the ashram? Well it all started in her first yoga class when she was 16.  She wandered into the world of yoga seeking sanctuary from years of suffering from dreary self-hating thoughts. In that first yoga class, she found home in her heart immediately.  She burst into tears of relief in Natarajasana.  She had found a way to let the light in.

Since then, she has been devoted to opening to the light on this path of Spirit.  Liv has explored many different traditions and is grateful to the many paths that have braided together to form this tightrope she shimmies across daily. Liv travelled to India to do her first teacher training in 2014.  There she deepened her practice through meditation and study. Since then, she has done a children’s yoga teacher certificate as well, teaching children’s yoga is a huge source of joy in her life.

Working with food as a spiritual practice came as a natural transmission through her Grandmother. To Liv, it is a form of energetic healing. It is with gratitude that she cooks for this beautiful community. Liv believes we can elevate our vibration through offering and eating food made with love!

Liv was originally lured up North by Anuttara's winter retreat and the promise of a long, quiet winter in a wood-heated cabin. The winter at Anuttara changed her life and she will be forever grateful to the snow and the silence. The community at Anuttara quickly became her second family, and she fell in love with this land. To live, work, practice, play and create with love is the greatest gift in this life. 

Liv has an expansive and all encompassing heart.  She unabashedly embraces all beings with her sweet and tender presence.  Liv is incredibly easy to approach, talk to, and feel comfortable around.  She is fiercely compassionate and naturally imbues a selfless love.   To have Liv as part of the Ashram community is a tremendous gift for all who come here.  

Liv Belanger

Community Member

Divya is the host of the Daily Show on YouTube and Linked In.  She first came to the ashram in 2016 and now works to support the ashram in International affairs.  She assists us in India and volunteers her time to the ashram in helping to market the ashram.   She is an Award winning Motivational Speaker in India, US & Canada.

Divya Shlokam

International Volunteer & Honourary Community Member


Sita is our most dedicated Karma Yogi, taking her duty of keeping our property bear (and squirrel) free very seriously.  Sita knows the ins and outs of the entire property and will spend her whole day making sure each person is safe.  Sita is a very gentle, sweet and quiet dog that is very loveable.  She is distant to those who need it and very loving to those who wish it.  Neither loud nor needy for attention she is the perfect ashram dog.  

Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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