Vipassana Meditation Retreat


Vipassana is a Pali word which means: Seeing clearly, seeing through, seeing in a special way ( Vi = clearly, specially, into, through + passana -=seeing).


Vipassana means introspection, intuitive wisdom, and intuitive knowledge. 


Vipassana is often translated as insight.  


Are we not looking for peace and happiness?  Where to find it?


Many of us complain about the world today, but few are willing to make a real contribution.  What can we give or contribute to the world?  We can begin by giving and contributing to ourselves.  When we find peace and wisdom within, we can become a radiant light for many others who are also looking for peace and happiness.  When we react out of greed, anger and delusion, we are fighting fire with fire, but without reacting, we fight fire with water.  When we are unhappy inside, others are also affected by our unhappiness.  And when we are happy inside, likewise others are also affected by our happiness.  


How does Vipassana meditation help you in finding peace and happiness?


Generally we have perceptions of ourselves and the world around us.  Often our perception is distorted by greed, anger, doubt, fear and delusion.  Often we are not able to see these hindrances very clearly.  When we practice Vipassana we are witnessing the arising of these hindrances and instead of trying to avoid them or push them out of our mind, we see (acknowledge) them by making a mental note of them and then letting them go by bringing our attention back to the meditation practice. Here we can begin to find peace and allow the Insights to arise showing us that all these experiences are transient (impermanent).


Meditation is like medicine for the mind and body.  Like the doctor who needs to understand the symptoms to get to know what is causing the problem before prescribing a medicine that will help cure the illness.  In meditation we are seeing the suffering and understand its cause and using the technique as the cure. If by finding that meditation can benefit us by easing or reducing our suffering, then the results of the practice can bear fruit.  If we don't take the prescribed medicine from the doctor then we will not know if it will work.  

Vipassana Meditation is a simple meditation practise that allows us to witness the hindrances that arise in the mind that prevent us from finding peace and happiness.  This technique has proven to lead to profound transformation
retreat is an intensive with sitting and walking meditation as its focus, guided by Martin Pack of the tradition of Thervada of Northern Thailand. The structure of this retreat is based upon noble silence (regarding right speech), silent meditation (walking and sitting alternately), 6 hours of sleep per night, and 2 meals only (6am and 11am). The teacher, Edward leads participants individually through the days of the retreat through one on one teachings and meetings, and practise in meditation on ones own according to ones' own capacity.

Vipassana is a Pali word which means: Seeing clearly, seeing specially or seeing through (Vi - clearly, 

specially, into, through + passana - seeing).

Retreat/Course Information


A course runs for 15 days for the initial basic course or for 11 days for people who have already completed the basic course. The practice in is done on an individual basis. 


Each practitioner will have a private meeting each day with the teacher where he/she will have an opportunity to discuss their practice and any difficulties they have. Here you will also receive guidance about the practice. There is always an opportunity to speak to the teacher if you have any difficulties or questions. 


All practitioners are required to abide by the rule of noble silence. Anyone who has any questions, requests or difficulties may speak with the teacher or the assistant or a member of staff. Please do not discuss your practice with other individuals apart from the teacher and the assistant.


There will be a comprehensive introduction to the course for those who have not practiced before.


These courses are designed for both those who have experience and those with no previous experience of meditation. 



All given retreats follow the same schedule: 



4:00 am Wake up. 

A gong will sound to wake you up. 

Individual Meditation (sitting, walking, with breaks)


6:30 am Breakfast

Individual Meditation (sitting, walking, with breaks) 


11:30 am Lunch

Individual Meditation (sitting, walking, with breaks)


6:00 pm  Evening Snack

 Soya milk drinks, yoghurt, chocolate 

Individual Meditation (sitting, walking, with breaks)


10:00 pm Bed Time




What to bring


- Traditionally vipassana is practiced in neutral (white) clothing. Bring with you some white clothing, if possible


- A countdown timer(not the one on your mobile phone)


- Toiletries: Soap etc.


Please let somebody know where you will be during your stay and give a contact number the centre or email address in case of an emergency.





The teacher works on a volunteer basis who relies on the generous giving of the practitioner to cover travel/living costs etc. To make it possible for the continuation of courses to continue and for others to benefit from this practice, your donation is greatly appreciated.




My Name is Martin Pack. I grew up in town in Hertfordshire, just outside North London.  From a young age I was interested in religions and always wanted to know more about what people believed in and why. The more I read about religions and the more I practiced, I began to have a deep understanding that there was a truth somewhere that was eluding me, and had no idea where to look for it. 



I have been meditating since the age of fifteen.


Since 2002 I have practiced Vipassana meditation in the tradition of Ajan Tong.

After a few years of participating in retreats in Thailand, I assisted the teachers in Wat Chomtong in Northern Thailand and also helped in assisting Ajarn Phra Ofer in Israel. 


In January 2009, I got certified to teach, and to organise courses in Northern Thailand in a place called Pai.  I have taught retreats  in Thailand. Northern Italy, France, Austria, Greece and England.


Dates:  September 11 - 26th 2015


Accommodations:  single occupancy cabins, shared cabins (sexual segregation), dormitory male, dormitory female, tents (bring your own).  


Food:  two fine vegan/vegetarian meals/day


Cost(per person includes, accomodation, flight for Martin, food and course): 


Camping $300

Dormitory $450

Double Occupancy Cabin $600

Single Occupancy Cabin $800


Payment for teachings are on donation only... to the discretion of the individual



Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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