Awaken Love is a non-profit movement that was born from the Sacha Lineage out of gratitude. It's goal is to work for the awakening of a loving consciousness in everyone, everywhere.

We base our actions on six values that are the cornerstone of our initiatives and projects:


You can not evolve on the journey without Honesty ; it is the beginning of the process of awakening of loving consciousness , the beginning of Awaken Love movement within us. When we have the courage to look at our shadow , that is, to what prevents us from loving ; when we recognize and acknowledge our negative feelings , and become more transparent in our relationships , we are moving toward love .


It is the base, the central column that supports the transformation. We focus on remembering we are where we put ourselves. This remebering is the end of the blame game.  You discover that the root of the conflict is within you .


It is a fundamental value , it involves empathy, compassion and patience. We are very critical of ourselves and others , and so we become cruel . The kindness makes the most comfortable and pleasant life; it is the first fragrance of loving consciousness .


The journey is challenging , it's a battle that is fought inside and outside of us . Hence the importance of dedication, because to devote oneself means constantly renewing our vows with the purpose of the journey; it means always remembering, rebuilding and continuing our work. Dedication is synonymous with direction: You focus and you perform. This is one of the greatest powers of the human soul.


The essence of this revolution we propose is service, because it is the very manifestation of loving consciousness in the world. By donating your gifts and talents to achieve this purpose, you find your place in the world, and automatically become a happier and more successful person.  Service is synonymous with selflessness, which is synonymous with pure love.


The concept of beauty has been very distorted by the advertising industry, so there is a misunderstanding about the role of beauty in this movement. We are proposing a reinterpretation of this concept : Beauty is an expression of the essence that dwells in us.  Beauty is a fruit of love, of waking consciousness.  All values ​​flow into it, both in its perception, and in its manifestation. To express the values , you become beautiful, and becomes a source of inspiration and reconnection to others.

Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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