June 15 - October 31, 2022

(Also known as The Yoga Program or The Seva Program)

Live in a sacred community in an inspiring off-grid location.  Spend your days surrounded by forest, mountains, wildlife and like-hearted beings.  Immerse yourself in a spiritually oriented lifestyle and deepen into yourself.  

Seva or
Selfless Service is a sacred practice in many spiritual traditions referred to as Karma Yoga in yogic traditions. Seva/Karma Yoga is one of the four main paths of yoga and is considered the foundation of bringing True Yoga into everyday life.   It is through these practices of selflessly giving that we learn to transcend the ego and put love into action. 



  • Rustic Off-Grid location

  • Community Life

  • Community activities twice a week
    (Yoga, Forest Bathing, Philosophy Talks, Kirtan, etc.)

  • Simple Vegan & Vegetarian Meals

  • Silent Mornings

  • Spiritual & Philosophical Conversations 

  • Daily Group Meditations 

  • Intimacy with nature



There is a minimum commitment of one month in this program, and priority will be given to those who can stay for 3+ months. Spaces are limited.  People who are willing to make a longer commitment and who have previous work experience or skills will be preferred.  Beings who have a strong personal Sadhana or spiritual practice will also have priority. 


We are open from Spring to Fall. Please before you commit to a set amount of time, recognize that a community will be depending on you and your service.