This silent retreat ranges from a weekend up to 12 days and is a synthesis of practise aiming to harmonize the path of energy with the path of emptiness.


The Anuttara Silent Retreat allows participants to relish in the silent stillness that dwells within that is too often neglected.  When an individual spends time in silence they are able to go deeper into their psyche, uncovering the true spirit of one's self.   The retreat includes classes in Yoga and Meditation guided by Thomas English whom has been studying the Meditative and Yogic disciplines of India for the last 20 years.  No experience is necessary; the retreat is open to all individuals seeking relief from the daily stresses of our hectic lives. 


Participants of this retreat can look forward to learning:


  • To build a yantra (a sacred geometric shape that assists in awakening personal potential energy) (provided on 12 day retreats)

  • The philosophy of Tantra, mantra, Kundalini, and the path of energy, purification

  • The Adviata Vedanta (a Non Dualistic way of viewing the world)

  • The importance and connection of the spiritual heart (Hridaya)

  • The readings and study of different yogic literature

  • Learn Mantra meditation practises

  • Yagna (fire ceremony) 

  • Lean Silent meditations based upon the teachings of the Spiritual Heart (Hridaya) 

  • Practise Hatha yoga

  • Walking meditation practice with mantra (provided on 12 day retreats)

  • Tantric Vipassana practise; Bhairava Mudra



Three vegetarian meals (vegan option) will be provided a day along with tea breaks.  Yoga and Meditation will be held everyday and there will be free time for writing and self-reflection.  Silence will be strictly practised throughout the duration of the retreat and each individual will have the opportunity to have private instruction for extra guidance if needed. 

This is an excellent opportunity for the individual to expose themselves to the ancient path of yogic philosophy. 


Email us an if you have any further questions or comments.  

1. Fill out our Online Application Form

2. Pre-pay to book your room, and space at the retreat.

"This retreat allowed me to experience true sincere silence while being held in a loving and accepting space.  Although scary (to be silent) at first, I am so glad I did it"

- 2015 Retreat Guest 

Sept. 2nd 2016 (6pm) - Sept. 5th 2016 (6pm)   (Labour Day Weekend)


Costs (includes accomodation, food and all teachings): 


camping (bring your own tent) $150

dormitory $180

cabin (shared)   $220

single cabin  $300

Nov 25th 2016 (6pm) - Dec 5th 2016 (6pm)


Costs (includes accomodation, food and all teachings):


dormitory $400

cabin (shared) $600/ person

cabin (single) $800

Nass Valley, BC, Canada

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