Daily Annadanam

Traditionally meaning “an offering of food”, Annadanam is served to guests, residents and full-time volunteers.  When Annadanam is served a special prayer and meditation is offered to the individual who donated the funds to pay for the meal along with any other people who the donator has specified.  

Taken in complete silence, makes a person more receptive to the food that one consumes.

In-kind donations
Another way you can contribute to Anuttara'a Annadanam, is through in-kind, non-cash donations. Some examples of in-kind donations are: cereals, rice flour, spices, fresh vegetables and preserved food items. Please note that the ashram will require advance notice for receiving perishable items such as fresh vegetables.

Contact us to arrange an In-Kind Pick up/Drop Off.

Nass Valley, BC, Canada


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