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A Breath for India is an offering of deep gratitude to India, created by a small group of individuals who have all spent time in India, studied in India, and simply love India.


 This collective has come together to host a virtual fundraiser in support of India’s catastrophic COVID crisis. 100% of proceeds will go to #OxygenForIndia, a volunteer-run campaign devoted to delivering lifesaving medical oxygen to small hospitals and homes all over India. 


A Breath for India is an online, 12-hour LIVE event and downloadable package. This is an opportunity for you to provide 'a breath for India' while immersing yourself in the many gifts that India has shared with the world. This event will host lectures and practices from various topics such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, kirtan and more!


Purchase the all-access pass, with recordings of the live event plus over 6 hours of bonus content and exclusive discounts! 100% of your donation goes to OxygenforIndia.




Bobby Parmar

Bobby has been leading Kundalini Tantra retreats since 2015 under the direct guidance of Guruji Maharaj. 


Artemis Emily Doyle

Artemis is the founder of Anuttara's Turyatita School.  She is a co-creator at Anuttara Ashram, author of The Power of Tantra Meditation.




Guruji Maharaj

Guruji Maharaj serves as a Tantric Master and Spiritual Guide to hundreds of disciples that have had the fortune to meet him and take initiation into Tantric Mantra Sadhana.



Sahajananda, the main founder of Hridaya Yoga, is a meditation and hatha yoga teacher with over 30 years of experience. His message conveys the non-dual tantric teachings. 

Offering: Egregors, The Soul of India, Gratitude, Self-Enquiry



Through her feminine presence, strength and discernment she serves to bridge the teachings of the Bhairavanand lineage to all those who access this path of awakening.


Mikaël Gorostiaga

Mikaël is a teacher of the internal arts of QiGong and TaiChi. He works in the service of meditation, health and self-knowledge in France. 


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Heart's Calling

Fraser/Rishi and Dana’s inner journey started 20+ years ago, but it really came to fruition after discovering the power of Kirtan, and meeting their spiritual teacher, Mooji Baba.


Laura Carotti

Laura Carrotti is a seeker of meaning. She brings a Punk Rock heart to her twenty years of experience and deep practice in Tantra, Yoga Philosophy, Self-inquiry, and Meditation. 


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Radasi & Yorgos

Yorgos & Radasi living the path of Traditional Tantra & Yoga, teach & serve internationally through their school Satya Loka, & Shivoham Tantra.


Tara Nendzig

Tara teaches and studies devotional dance and expression based movement. She is a Anuttara Yoga & Meditation Teacher and community member.




An IAYT-certified yoga therapist and classical tantra teacher passionate about sharing practical and effective ways for a vibrant body, mind and soul. 


Pema Khandro

Pema Khandro is the founder and spiritual director of Buddhist Studies Insitute. She is a Tibetan Buddhist teacher, humanitarian and scholar specializing in the philosophy and practice of Tibet’s Buddhist Yogis.


Tomer Weiss

Tomer is a transpersonal Psychotherapist with years of experience as a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer.  


Angela Yogini

Angela is a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer who has has been passionately and joyfully dedicated to the yogic path for the past 20 years.


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Manu Akshobhia

Manu Akshobhia has been teaching internationally Tantra yoga and meditation since 2000 and he is now established in Centre AMATA, in France.

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Ganga Ma

Ganga Ma offers devotional kirtan and mantra gatherings that can be both deeply meditative or wildly ecstatic.


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Alisha J Flecky

Alisha is a lover and devotee of the divine feminine. She works with yoga, mindfulness, somatics, constellations, ritual and dance to help connect you to your inner sanctum.


Tiffany Nicholson-Smith

An International Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and a Lover of Life, Tiffany shares the gifts of Meditation, Yoga & Ayurveda globally. Tiffany is the founder of Vichara Yoga & Rasa Ayurveda.

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Mark Knox

Mark Knox is a kirtan wallah providing traditional kirtan music. 

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Esther Balla

Esther is a certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher & TRE provider. Sharing her experience with passion in her home country Switzerland.

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Sananda & Nuti

Sananda & Nuti are loving leaders in the world of spirituality.  Together they make uplifting music to inspire the heart.

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Nataraj Chaitanya

Nataraj has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 15 years.


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Matangi Band

Six artists and medicine women weaving earthly rhythms with heavenly harmonies.

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​Cate Mcewen

500 hr YT, teaching and living hatha yoga with a deep infusion of Akhanda yoga since 2018 and annual treks to Rishikesh.

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Saurabh & Vishnupriya

Saurabh and Vishnupriya were born and raised in devotional families in India. This devotion brought them to the holy feet of their master Shri Moojibaba. They continue to dissolve in this divine love with their master’s guidance.

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Gurudas is a seeker of Truth and disciple of Moojibaba who shares sacred stories from various spiritual traditions that point us to the discovery of our timeless being.

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Sean Goldberg

Sean Is a Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Anatomy Junky, Co-Founder of Samasti Yoga in Bali. He has always had a passion for music and dance, and is offering ecstatic dances for those wanting to share in the bliss


Contributors provide Bonus Material that is exclusive to the All-Access Pass.


Ellen Emmet

Ellen is the founder of 'The Awakening Body'.  She is a non-dual therapist and non-dual yoga teacher in the tradition of Kashmir Shivaism.



Henika is the found of the School of Sensual Arts.  She is a practitioner and leading teacher in the world of Tantra & Yoga. 



Dagmar Volfova

Dasha studied tantric yoga and traditional Tantra in India and now focuses on self-healing through embodiment.